Chapter 1 - Anatomy
Structure of the body
Chemical Properties of the Body
Physical Properties of the Body
Vital Properties of the Body
The Human Skeleton - Diagram
Anatomy of the Bones
Bones of the Head
Bones of the Trunk
Bones of the Upper Extremities
Bones of the Lower Extremities
The joints
Uses of the Bones
The Muscles
The Muscles - Front Diagram
The Muscles - Back Diagram
The Teeth
Uses of the Teeth
Digestive Organs
Urinary System
Respiratory Organs
Organs of Circulation
Absorbent Vessels
Organs of Secretion
Vocal Organs
The Skin
The Nervous System
Organs of Sight
Organs of Hearing

1.13 Uses of the Bones


The bones are to the body what the frame is to the house. They hold up and retain the other parts in their proper places. They furnish points of attachment for the muscles, to hold the body together and to give it motion. They also furnish strong, bony cavities for the lodgment and protection of such delicate organs as the eye, the brain, and the heart.

A single bone, examined by itself, might not seem to have much beauty or design about it; it might even look clumsy and misshapen. But when all the bones are inspected with reference to each other, we immediately discover a general plan upon which they are made, and are compelled to admire their beautiful harmony, and the symmetrical grace with which they act. They show us that God can command our wonder, even in the bony frame of our bodies.

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