Chapter 1 - Anatomy
Structure of the body
Chemical Properties of the Body
Physical Properties of the Body
Vital Properties of the Body
The Human Skeleton - Diagram
Anatomy of the Bones
Bones of the Head
Bones of the Trunk
Bones of the Upper Extremities
Bones of the Lower Extremities
The joints
Uses of the Bones
The Muscles
The Muscles - Front Diagram
The Muscles - Back Diagram
The Teeth
Uses of the Teeth
Digestive Organs
Urinary System
Respiratory Organs
Organs of Circulation
Absorbent Vessels
Organs of Secretion
Vocal Organs
The Skin
The Nervous System
Organs of Sight
Organs of Hearing

1.24 Organs of Secretion

The Organs of Secretion.

THE exhalants, the follicles, and the glands are the organs of secretion. The Exhalants are the sweatglands. These have external terminations upon the skin, thus communicating with the air, and internal terminations upon the surfaces of organs not having an outward exposure.

The Follicles are small sacs, located in the true skin and mucous membranes. The pores of the skin are the mouths or outlets of these little bags. Veins and organic nerves are sent to these vessels.

Glands are soft organs, having a variety of structure, and performing many kinds of secretion. A gland is made up of several lobules, united in one mass, and each of these lobules has a small duct, communicating with a main duct which forms the outlet. Fig. 39 shows a gland ; 2, the small ducts spread through its body, and running together; 1, the large duct, through which the secreted substance is carried away.

The mesenteric and lymphatic glands merely modify the fluids which pass through them; others secrete from the blood either fluids to be used in the body, or such as are to be cast away.

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