Chapter 1 - Anatomy
Structure of the body
Chemical Properties of the Body
Physical Properties of the Body
Vital Properties of the Body
The Human Skeleton - Diagram
Anatomy of the Bones
Bones of the Head
Bones of the Trunk
Bones of the Upper Extremities
Bones of the Lower Extremities
The joints
Uses of the Bones
The Muscles
The Muscles - Front Diagram
The Muscles - Back Diagram
The Teeth
Uses of the Teeth
Digestive Organs
Urinary System
Respiratory Organs
Organs of Circulation
Absorbent Vessels
Organs of Secretion
Vocal Organs
The Skin
The Nervous System
Organs of Sight
Organs of Hearing

1.5 Vital Properties of the Body

Bodies begin their growth with a simple cell, which is a delicate little bladder or shut sac. Cells take their rise in that portion of the blood which is capable of being organized, and which is called blastema.

In animal bodies each cell generally begins as a minute point in the blastema, and grows until a transparent bladder or vesicle springs out from one side of it, and soon appears to enclose it. The bladder is then called the cell, and the point or dot is its nucleus. Within this nucleus appears another dot, which is called the nueleolus. When fully ripened, the cell bursts and sets the nucleus free, and this, in its turn, matures and yields up its contents. Thus all cells have their origin in germs produced by previously existing parent~ cells. They are multiplied with great rapidity. Having grown to a certain extent, they lose their fluid contents, and their walls collapsing or coming together, they form simple membraneous discs. In this way, with some variations, the simple tissues of the body begin to be, and the foundation is laid for the noble structure of man.

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