Chapter 11 - Female Diseases
Introduction to Female Diseases
Inflammation of the Neck of the Womb
Inflammation of the Ovaries
Absence of the Menses
Profuse Menstruation
Painful Menstruation
Green Sickness
Cessation of the Menses
Polypus of the Womb
Uterine Hydatids
Inflammation of the Womb
Falling of the Womb
Falling Over of the Womb
Tumors of the Womb
Cancer of the Womb
Ovarian Tumors
Inflammation of the Fallopian Tubes
Inflammation of the Vagina
Itching of the External Parts
Tubal Pregnancy
Prevention of Pregnancy
Antiseptic Dressings
Milk Leg
Child Bed Fever
Puerperal Convulsions
Nursing Sore Mouth
Broken Breast
Sore Nipples
Sex of Child, How to Regulate Before Birth

11.14 Falling of the Womb

Falling of the Womb. Prolapsus Uteri.

THE womb is often found out of its natural and proper place. There are certain ligaments and muscles intended to act as stays, and hold it up in its position. These, from various causes, become relaxed. It then, losing its support, drops down into the vagina, between the bladder in front and the large bowel called the rectum, behind. It is then said to befallen or prolapsed.
The womb of a married woman is more apt to become prolapsed than that of the unmarried, because it is more liable to have its weight increased by congestions, enlargement, torn perineum, etc.
The Symptoms are dull pain in the small of the back dragging sensation in the groin, and a feeling of fullness around the fundament; dragging pain in the nape of the neck; headache, constipation, etc.

Treatment. The complaint is easily cured if the remedies be applied early. If the prolapsed be clue to relaxed, weakened supports, tonic constitutional remedies must be employed. The diet must be full and easy of assimilation, exercise taken in the open air, proper rest secured, and electricity be used.
If the womb be tipped over, some support must for a while be used in the shape of pessaries. If by reason of its increased size and weight the womb hang too low down in the pelvic cavity, then it must be made smaller and lighter by treating the coexisting inflammation and sub involution. If the floor of the vagina has been torn during labor, thus allowing the womb to sag, this must be sewn up and a new floor formed.
In complete prolepses of the aged, the uterus often protrudes from the vagina. This condition in the middle aged is best met by amputation; while in the very aged a support may be adjusted after having replaced the organ.

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