Chapter 11 - Female Diseases
Introduction to Female Diseases
Inflammation of the Neck of the Womb
Inflammation of the Ovaries
Absence of the Menses
Profuse Menstruation
Painful Menstruation
Green Sickness
Cessation of the Menses
Polypus of the Womb
Uterine Hydatids
Inflammation of the Womb
Falling of the Womb
Falling Over of the Womb
Tumors of the Womb
Cancer of the Womb
Ovarian Tumors
Inflammation of the Fallopian Tubes
Inflammation of the Vagina
Itching of the External Parts
Tubal Pregnancy
Prevention of Pregnancy
Antiseptic Dressings
Milk Leg
Child Bed Fever
Puerperal Convulsions
Nursing Sore Mouth
Broken Breast
Sore Nipples
Sex of Child, How to Regulate Before Birth

11.17 Cancer of the Womb

Cancer of the Womb.

THIS is another but more dangerous growth of the womb, and occurs mostly in women near middle life, especially in cases which have a family predisposition to cancer, and when the neck of the womb has been badly lacerated from labor or miscarriage. It usually begins in the neck of the womb like a little bunch, which bleeds easily on touch, and extends rapidly into the neck and finally up into the body of the uterus. Its entire life duration may not exceed one or two years before death claims the sufferer. Hemorrhage and foul leucorrhoea are often the only signs which attract the patient's notice. Pain finally sets in, with breaking down of the cancerous tissue, and then a very foul and peculiar odor commences. This odor is very penetrating and is characteristic of the disease. Emaciation, loss of appetite and strength, painful days and nights supervene, and finally death comes to relieve the sufferer of one of the worst diseases to which womankind is liable.

Treatment. The only treatment consists in the early detection of the disease and the enucleation of the entire uterus by the vagina. If it has been discovered early, before the cancer cells have got out,. side of the womb, it may be successfully treated at least for a number of years. I can not better advise women than by warning them to consult a physician at once on the occurrence of any unusual hemorrhage near the change of life. So many ascribe these slight hemorrhages and aches to this broad mantle of ignorance, that precious time has been wasted and the golden opportunity passed for curing the dread disease. Do not waste time and money, either on nostrums or other quackish methods, nor listen to what Mrs. So and So did, but proceed at once to the best authority you have at your disposal. So much is being successfully done now for the relief and cure of these growths, women owe it to themselves and their families to take advantage of modern skill and knowledge. The microscope will detect it earlier than the eye or finger, and thus a suspicion may be corroborated or a fear dispelled by timely advice.
Of palliative treatment, the application of styptics and the curette muse a delay of the growth and a cessation of hemorrhage; while anodynes like morphine or opium in some of its forms will allay pain and anguish.

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