Chapter 11 - Female Diseases
Introduction to Female Diseases
Inflammation of the Neck of the Womb
Inflammation of the Ovaries
Absence of the Menses
Profuse Menstruation
Painful Menstruation
Green Sickness
Cessation of the Menses
Polypus of the Womb
Uterine Hydatids
Inflammation of the Womb
Falling of the Womb
Falling Over of the Womb
Tumors of the Womb
Cancer of the Womb
Ovarian Tumors
Inflammation of the Fallopian Tubes
Inflammation of the Vagina
Itching of the External Parts
Tubal Pregnancy
Prevention of Pregnancy
Antiseptic Dressings
Milk Leg
Child Bed Fever
Puerperal Convulsions
Nursing Sore Mouth
Broken Breast
Sore Nipples
Sex of Child, How to Regulate Before Birth

11.20 Inflammation of the Vagina

Inflammation of the Vagina.

This may be produced by many of the same causes which induce inflammation of the uterine neck. It may follow tedious child bearing, especially if instruments have been used. Marriage is not an infrequent cause of it, so may a pessary be, if an improper one.
The Symptoms are pain in the groins, a feeling of beat and tightness in the passage, and a difficulty in passing water. In a few days a discharge, like gum water, begins to flow, which gradually becomes thicker, like cream, and is green or yellow. Sometimes the disease gets well in a few days; at other times it degenerates into the chronic forms, and lasts a long time. It should be cured as soon as possible, lest the inflammation cause the wars of the passage to grow together, and make a stricture, as in Fig. 142.
In this Figure, b represents the mouth of the womb; a is the lower entrance to a narrow passage in the vagina, called a stricture. It is caused by inflammation, which so thickens the walls of the vagina as to bring their inner surfaces near together. In examining a case of this sort, a practitioner needs to be on his guard lest he mistake the entrance to the stricture, A, for the mouth of the womb, B, a mistake which might lead to evil consequences as well as seriously damage his professional character.

Treatment. The diet should be light and unirritating. The bowels should be kept open. A cooling wash (207), (218), should be. used several times a day, until the discharge becomes thick; then employ injections (232), (202), (244), (243), of a more astringent nature. Let the marriage bed be abandoned till the recovery is complete.
When the discharge arises from small granular elevations upon the inner surface of the vagina, the whole diseased surface should be painted over with a solution of nitrate of silver, two grains to the ounce of water, the disease being brought to view by the use of a speculum. This may be done every other day.

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