Chapter 11 - Female Diseases
Introduction to Female Diseases
Inflammation of the Neck of the Womb
Inflammation of the Ovaries
Absence of the Menses
Profuse Menstruation
Painful Menstruation
Green Sickness
Cessation of the Menses
Polypus of the Womb
Uterine Hydatids
Inflammation of the Womb
Falling of the Womb
Falling Over of the Womb
Tumors of the Womb
Cancer of the Womb
Ovarian Tumors
Inflammation of the Fallopian Tubes
Inflammation of the Vagina
Itching of the External Parts
Tubal Pregnancy
Prevention of Pregnancy
Antiseptic Dressings
Milk Leg
Child Bed Fever
Puerperal Convulsions
Nursing Sore Mouth
Broken Breast
Sore Nipples
Sex of Child, How to Regulate Before Birth

11.21 Itching of the External Parts

Itching of the External Parts. Prurigo of the Vulva.

This complaint is apt to attack females about the cessation of the menses, though they are liable to it at other periods. It is a most annoying and distressing affection. So terrible and tormenting at times is the itching of the external genitals, that the woman is unable to avoid rubbing and scratching, and she is occasionally compelled to absent herself from all society. She feels, as she says, as though she could tear herself to pieces.
Sometimes this irritation of the sexual organs excites venereal thoughts so dominant and controlling as to constitute a real mania, called nymphomania, from the name of a part involved.
This complaint generally indicates some disease of the womb, or its appendages, or of the bladder. When this is the case, of course it cannot be cured without seeking out and removing the disease of which it is a symptom.

Treatment. To alleviate the local suffering, the lotion (223), or the ointment (171), maybe applied to the parts several times a day. I prefer the lotion. A weak solution of nitrate of silver (211) will sometimes do well. A four per cent solution of cocaine is the beat application.
When the disease is brought on by masturbation, as it sometimes is, this habit must, of course, be broken off before a cure can be effected. In this case, also, moderately cold water must be applied to the parts several times a day; some of the preparations of iron should be taken, and some active employment be engaged in, which will absorb the energies of mind and body.

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