Chapter 12 - Care of Children and Diseases
Care of Children and Diseases
How to Nurse Sick Children
Inflammation of the Mouth
Inflammation of the Gums
Canker of the Mouth
Difficult Teeth Cutting
Spasm of the Glottis
Whooping Cough
Summer Complaint
Falling of the Bowel
Gastric Fevor
Mesenteric Disease
Blue Disease

12.4 Inflammation of the Gums

Inflammation of the Gums. Gingivitis.

DURING the cutting of teeth, the gums are apt to be inflamed, red or livid, swelled and painful. The child is languid, with a hot and dry skin, small and quick pulse, little appetite, much thirst, and a tongue covered with a thick, yellowish fur. When ulceration takes place, and is allowed to go on, the teeth. become loose, black, and rotten, and often soft and pulpy; a flow of fetid spittle takes place, the breath of the child becomes offensive, and its countenance pale and sallow. The gums bleed under the least pressure, and a profuse diarrhea fills up the list of ills.

Treatment. In the first stages, mild washes to the gums, such as (227), will do well. Clear out the bowels at once with magnesia and rhubarb (26). After ulceration has taken place, use oak bark (239).or chlorate of potash tablets, or diluted hydrochloric add (233). A daily tepid bath. If the strength be reduced, use an infusion of Peruvian bark, or quinine (69).

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