Chapter 12 - Care of Children and Diseases
Care of Children and Diseases
How to Nurse Sick Children
Inflammation of the Mouth
Inflammation of the Gums
Canker of the Mouth
Difficult Teeth Cutting
Spasm of the Glottis
Whooping Cough
Summer Complaint
Falling of the Bowel
Gastric Fevor
Mesenteric Disease
Blue Disease

12.5 Canker of the Mouth

Gangrene of the Mouth. Canker. Cancrum Oris.

THIS disease attacks weakly children, of a lymphatic temperament, and having inflamed gums. It often follows intermittent, remittent, or bilious fever, and is also frequently connected with disease of the stomach and bowels.

Symptoms. It is attended with languor, listlessness, indisposition to play or move about, thirst, loss of appetite, peevishness, and inability to sleep. The countenance is pale and sunken, and there is a peculiar puckering of the cheeks about the corners of the mouth. The breath is bad, the gums have the appearance of salivation, the teeth become loose and fall from their sockets, or, if they remain, they become covered with a thick coating of a dirty white or ash color. A few ash colored water pimples appear upon the gums, which enlarge, run together, and finally break, presenting a black appearance of mortification. The gangrene, sooner or later, goes to the lips and cheeks.

Treatment. When bowel complaints exist, they are to be treated with the usual remedies, such as (70) or (156). If there be active inflammation of the gums, a wash of oak bark (232) will be in Place, with quinine given internally (69) to ward off the mortification. As a wash, too, a strong solution of sulphate of copper (234) is excellent; so is white vitriol (235), and solution of argyrol (219), and creosote (236).
The diet should be beef tea, plain beef or mutton broth~ ~with rice, milk and rice, tapioca, sago, and the like.

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