Chapter 12 - Care of Children and Diseases
Care of Children and Diseases
How to Nurse Sick Children
Inflammation of the Mouth
Inflammation of the Gums
Canker of the Mouth
Difficult Teeth Cutting
Spasm of the Glottis
Whooping Cough
Summer Complaint
Falling of the Bowel
Gastric Fevor
Mesenteric Disease
Blue Disease

12.8 Spasm of the Glottis

Spasm of the Glottis. Laryngismus Stridulus.

THIS disease consists in a sudden shutting up of the glottis, or passage to the windpipe, which creates a feeling of strangulation, and a difficulty of breathing so great that the drawing in of the breath causes a peculiar crowing sound. There is no fever. The child, upon taking food or drink, or upon being irritated or teased, is taken suddenly with an impossibility of drawing in its breath. After struggling convulsively for a time, its head thrown back, its nostrils dilated, its mouth open, its eyes rolled up, its face pale, its legs and arms stiff, it begins to breathe with a shrill crowing sound. The disease is sometimes mistaken for croup, and for hooping cough. It is strictly spasmodic in its nature.

Treatment. During the paroxysm, set the child in an upright posture, with the head leaning forward, exposed to a full draft of cool, fresh air, and sprinkle cool water upon the face. Let nothing be tight about the neck. Slap the child slightly on the back, and apply friction along the spine. If these means do not succeed, place it in a warm bath; while in the bath, sprinkle cold water on the face.
When the fit is over, examine the gums. If they are swollen, lance them down to the coming teeth. The bowels should be moved daily with some gentle physic, but not irritated by severe purging. If the stools are light colored, use the following prescription: Poclophyllin, one half grain, alcohol, one ounce, elixir, one ounce, and take a tea spoonful in a teaspoonful of water, three times daily,

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