Chapter 13 - Diseases of the General System and Miscellaneous Diseases
Introduction to Diseases of the General System and Miscellaneous Diseases
Blood Aneamia
Typhoid Fever
Prevention of Typhoid
Bilious Remittent Fever
Congestive Fever
Fever and Ague
Yellow Fever
Purple Disease
Bubonic Plague

13.20 Canker

Canker. Aptha Communis.

VERY few, if any, standard medical writers have treated of cancer. In truth, it is only a symptom of various complaints, and not itself a disease. It has accordingly been shut out from medical books. It afflicts yes, sorely afflicts, numerous persons, who, though doubt, less affected by some constitutional disturbance as its cause, are not conscious of any complaint except this single manifestation canker. You find not only the disease, therefore, but complaints respecting it, in almost everybody's mouth: "What shall I do for the canker?" meets us at almost every turn. , I am sorely afflicted with the canker," says one. , I am literally sick with the canker," says another. And a third says, 11 1 can neither eat, nor converse, nor take rest, I am in such pain from canker in my mouth." And these complaints are not unnatural, for the sufferings occasioned by this affection are indeed terrible.
Canker begins in the form of small blisters, generally upon the tongue, or inside of the cheeks or lips, or stomach, which, after a time, break and form little ulcers, which are oftentimes very sore and painful. These ulcers will, at times, not only multiply, but spread themselves to large dimensions, going deep into the flesh, and becoming painful almost beyond endurance. In many cases, the parts swell, and become so sensitive and tender that it is almost impossible to swallow the blandest food. The mouth will frequently become filled with saliva, which runs involuntarily out, to the great annoyance of the patient.

Treatment. Canker is frequently dependent on a deranged state of the stomach and bowels. When this is the case the treatment may begin with a dose of gentle physic (12), (15), (19), (26). If the stomach be quite permanently deranged, let this be followed with a somewhat prolonged use of prescription (28) or (37), or of the neutralizing cordial. If the mouth be very sore, use a tea of slippery elm bark, or flax seed, or a solution of gum arabic ; and as the inflammation subsides, touch the ulcerated patches with the stick nitrate of silver (lunar caustic); or use gargle (201), (202), (203), (205), (208), (209), (232), (243), (244), or sulphate of copper, eight grains dissolved in two ounces of water. A tea made of raspberry leaves, or blackberry roots, may be freely used as a drink.
One of the best remedies is hamamelis. Of this a dessertspoonful may be held for a few moments in the mouth and then spit out. A teaspoonful may be taken internally, once an hour until relieved. Receipe 205 is not only useful as a gargle, but may be reduced by scalding one pint of water, and may then be swallowed four or five times a day, in doses of two tablespoonfuls at a time.
The diet should always be carefully regulated, and only the more simple food taken, and at regular meals.
To rapidly heal a canker spot, touch it with a wooden tooth pick which has been dipped in a strong solution of carbolic acid. The ulcer turns white, and in a few days is completely healed.

Sexual Impotence.

As the sexual functions form the most powerful factor in our lives, both as an influence upon the home and as a great incentive to weighing our energies for all fields of social and business life, it stands to reason that their proper performance may well be considered as a fit subject in a work of this kind.
As no man that is impotent, and meaning that in a literal sense, can become the father of children, so the lack of procreative power produces a great diminution in the virility of the person.
A man prematurely impotent has his misfortune continually in his mind, and is to be sincerely pitied for in this condition he lacks energy and all power to do proper labor in his calling in life.

His friends are unaware of the condition which is producing his lack of enthusiasm in everything that goes to make life worth living, that the sexual organs are so intimately associated with the other parts of the body, that their loss of strength is quickly communicated to the brain, nervous system, and particularly the general well being.
Then should the married state be associated with impotency no matter which sex is affected all the desired great love and even respect that one may have for the other is unsatisfied if the happiness is mitigated by this condition. Impotency in its broad meaning is a pathological condition of the sexual apparatus, which prevents the successful carrying out of intercourse.
Sexual excitement associated with the ability to perform the function is only necessary to cause the successful completion of the act but should instinct be absent or erection impossible then impotency is present.
While some make a practice of very frequent intercourse over a long number of years, others find that its performance once or twice a month is as much as their physical being can stand.
Continual excess in venery will bring its evils surely, just as a continual excessive use of any organ of the body will result in its impairment.

The treatment of impotency should be in the building up of the body by tonics and stimulants. Strychnine, arsenic and iron will prove the most valuable. No direct drug for the excitation of the sexual forces should be used, as the exertion that follows their use will defeat the purpose desired and the patient will be worse for having used them. Limitation of intercourse is advised. The following prescription is good: R Ferri Arsenati, gr. ii Arsenate of Iron, 2 grains Ext. Nucus Vomicae, gr. xv Extract of Nux Vomica, 15 grains Ergotini Bonjean, gr. xxx Bonjean's Ergotine, 30 grains Zinci Phosphide, gr. ii Phosphide of Zinc, 2 grains Misce et dividi in pilulm No. xxx. Make into 30 pills. Sig. One pill after meals.

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