Chapter 13 - Diseases of the General System and Miscellaneous Diseases
Introduction to Diseases of the General System and Miscellaneous Diseases
Blood Aneamia
Typhoid Fever
Prevention of Typhoid
Bilious Remittent Fever
Congestive Fever
Fever and Ague
Yellow Fever
Purple Disease
Bubonic Plague

13.4 Leucocytosis


Symptoms. The symptoms are practically those of the other anemia’s. Heart trouble, such as palpitation, irregular beat of the heart, ringing in the ears are possibly more common than in simple anemia and the color changes in appearance to a greenish yellow; the patient may seem more stout owing to the swelling of the legs, enclosing a vein when the disease has lasted some time.

Treatment. If the disease has not been present over too long a time the treatment recommended for simple anemia will usually be sufficient to obtain a cure. Great care must be given to see that the person has an abundance of easily digested and nourishing food, that they have plenty of air, large amount of rest, and on no account must exercise be carried to the point of fatigue. The preparations of cod liver oil in emulsion if not offensive to the person, and all the fat that can be taken in the form of butter, cream, and milk should be given to those who are thin. Strychnine in 1 60 grain dose three times a day after meals, quinine in moderate doses of one grain after meals and the care of the person, if a young girl, at the monthly period, to prevent cold being taken will all be of value.

Pernicious Anemia.

PERNICIOUS anemia is the name given to the third and fatal variety of blood diseases, because no cure has yet been found to limit its onward march. The symptoms are similar to those described under simple anemia and chlorosis, but no cause can usually be found for them and no cure likewise. Happily the &ease is not common and is exceedingly rare in childhood.

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