Chapter 13 - Diseases of the General System and Miscellaneous Diseases
Introduction to Diseases of the General System and Miscellaneous Diseases
Blood Aneamia
Typhoid Fever
Prevention of Typhoid
Bilious Remittent Fever
Congestive Fever
Fever and Ague
Yellow Fever
Purple Disease
Bubonic Plague

13.5 Bacterialogy


THIS is a name given to a condition of the blood where the white corpuscles are increased in amount. In certain blood diseases, of which leukemia is the best example, the increase is enormous at times, even reaching to 80,000 and 100,000 corpuscles in the same amount of blood that should have only five to six thousand.

The symptoms of this disease are very similar to the anemia’s and the diagnosis of the disease could only be made out by a scientific examination of the blood. It is accompanied by swelling of the glands, but as this also occurs in other diseases, their value is not of great importance, but a small increase of the white corpuscles is found in such a great number of more common disease that an examination of the blood is made as a routine measure. In many cases, for instance, in appendicitis the white corpuscles increase to fifteen to twenty thousand per cubic millimeter; in pneumonia they also increase sometimes to forty per cubic millimeter.

In other more common diseases as tonsillitis or sore throat, erysipelas, in small pox, inflammatory diseases such as felon, boils, bone diseases and lung troubles a greater or less increase is always found. In other diseases absence of an increase of ten enables the right diagnosis to be made out, for in typhoid fever which might in the early stages be mistaken for appendicitis there would be no increase in the formation of the disease but it would probably be marked in the latter stages. In malaria there is no increase but an examination of the individual cells of the blood under a microscope of fair power would discover the organism of malaria which is the cause of the &ease.

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