Chapter 15 - Accidents
Apparent Death from Noxious Vapors
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Mineral Poisoning
Vegetable and Other Poisons
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15.1 Apparent Death from Noxious Vapors


Apparent Death from Noxious Vapors.

WHEN persons become insensible from breathing foul air in a deep well or other place where it collects, let them be immediately expos .d to the open air, cold water be sprinkled upon the face and head, and strong vinegar be rubbed about the nostrils. As soon as there is ability to swallow, give some drinks, as lemonade, or a few drops of aromatic sulphuric acid, dropped into a tumblerful of water, and slightly sweetened. A stimulating injection (246) may be given.

Apparent Death from Burning Charcoal.

SOME persons very thoughtlessly attempt to warm their sleeping or sitting rooms with a portable furnace, or open pan filled with burning charcoal, or live coals from a wood fire. This is very wrong, as such coals while burning throw off large quantities of carbonic acid gas, a deadly poison. This being heavier than atmospheric air, falls to the bottom of the room, and for a time may do no damage; but, if there be no chimney draught, or open door or window, it will rise above the heads of those in the room, and bring on asphyxia and death. Let such cases be treated the same as the preceding, with the additional measure of attempting to excite breathing, as in the case of persons apparently dead from drowning.

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