Chapter 15 - Accidents
Apparent Death from Noxious Vapors
Poisoning and Antidotes
Mineral Poisoning
Vegetable and Other Poisons
How to Lift and Transport the Sick and Injured - Diagram

15.5 Fire

Clothes Catching Fire.

IT is perhaps unreasonable to look for presence of mind when this frightful accident occurs, yet it is never more needed than at such a time.
The instant a lady perceives her clothes to be on fire, and in a blaze, she should seize the nearest large rug, cloak, blanket, coverlet, or and equivalent article, and, wrapping it tight around her, throw herself flat upon the floor, taking care to keep the protecting covering close to her until the fire is completely smothered. If she does this with energy, and effectually, she will put out the fire instantly.
If she continue on her feet, the blaze will rapidly ascend, and burm her vital parts. If she run to seek relief from others not present, the motion of the air will fan the flame into a swifter work of destruction.
If it be a child that is on fire, let any person present treat it as above. If it be badly burned before the fire is extinguished, put it instantly into a tub of cold water, or dash cold water upon it, to prevent the burn from becoming deep.

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