Chapter 15 - Accidents
Apparent Death from Noxious Vapors
Poisoning and Antidotes
Mineral Poisoning
Vegetable and Other Poisons
How to Lift and Transport the Sick and Injured - Diagram

15.9 Vegetable and Other Poisons

Vegetable and Other Poisons.

The vegetable poisons are quite numerous, and many of them quite as virulent and rapid as any in the mineral kingdom.

Poisoning by Aconite.

Give an emetic of ground mustard or sulphate of zinc, or use the stomach pump instantly, and then give stimulants, as brandy, gin, whiskey, rum, etc.

Poisoning by Opium, Morphine, and Laudanum.

USE the stomach pump, if at hand; if not, a powerful emetic of sulphate of zinc, or sulphate of copper; or, if these are not at hand, a tablespoonful of ground mustard in a teacupful of warm water. If vomiting is not induced at once, tickle the throat with a feather, or with the finger. If sleep is impending, take the patient into the open air, and keep him walking; dash water upon his face, etc. If he still falls into sleep, and appears to be near dying, apply means for artificial breathing as for persons apparently dead from drowning.

As a last resort the electric battery may be tried, as it has been the means of saving several persons who would have otherwise died. One sponge of the battery may be applied to the back of the nock and the other to the lower end of the breast bone. By the action of the battery on the phrenic nerve, a stimulus to respiration is caused, and involuntarily the patient may be made to breathe.

Poisoning from Belladonna, Ryoscyamus, Stramonium, and Conium.

THESE are all narcotics, and when accidentally taken in poisonous doses, the treatment is to be the same as for poisoning by opium. Strong coffee is said to counteract the effect of these articles.

Poisoning by Dogwood, Ivy, etc.

Give some of the salts as a cathartic, and apply to the skin a solution of sugar of lead, or still better, a decoction of witch hazel bark or lime water.

Poisoning by Prussic Acid.

This is the most deadly of all known poisons. One drop of the pure acid will cause immediate death. Give water of ammonia or hartshorn, one part diluted with six parts of water, freely.

Poisoning by Strychnine.

THE same treatment as for poisoning by opium, excepting that sweet milk should be freely administered. This has been recommended by one respectable physician, at least, who says he has found it to be a specific. Camphor, two ounces dissolved in a quart of whiskey, and given freely, is also said to be an antidote.

Poisoning by Spanish Flies.

Give large draughts of sweet oil, sugar and water, milk, or flaxseed tea. For the inflammation of the bladder produced and to relieve the strangury or scalding of the water, give camphor internally.

Ptomaine Poisoning.

Give, patient a large dose of castor oil in lemon juice at once, and unless there is quick relief lose no time in calling a physician.

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