Chapter 16 - Flies and Mosquitoes
Flies and Mosquitoes

16.1 Flies and Mosquitoes


Files Carry Disease and Death.
Flies are filthy insects. They drink from the cesspools, and dine in the privy vault. They eat the sputum on the sidewalk and revel in the garbage pail. The young Flies are maggots. They breed in stable manure. They breed in excrement of all kinds, in garbage, and in all sorts of wet and filthy refuse.

It is disgusting to read about such things. But is it not more disgusting to have these same Flies, after their repast of filth, drown in the milk pitcher, drop their specks on the frosted cake, or clean their feet on the bread? The Flies that very likely have just come from a neighboring privy may crawl over the lips of the sleeping baby, or gather on the nipple of its nursing bottle. Suppose the Fly that was fished out of the milk pitcher had just been eating the excrement of a typhoid fever patient or the sputum of the consumptive, would you like to drink the milk?
He was named last year the "typhoid fly" because he had been spreading typhoid by wholesale in army camps and elsewhere. The " fly" also transmits cholera, tuberculosis and various intestinal bacteria.

So he is also the " dysentery fly" having conveyed disease and death to countless children. These are established facts. Remember that when and where absolute cleanliness prevails there will be no Flies. By all means do not let the Flies get near the milk. Do not let a Fly alight on the children's food or your own.
To kill all the Flies in a room, put a spoonful of Formalin or Formaldehyde in a quarter of a pint of water and set where the Flies can drink it. A poison which is not dangerous to human life is bichromide of potash in solution. Dissolve one dram of the drug, which can be bought at any drug store, in two ounces of water and add a little sugar for sweetening. Expose this solution in shallow dishes.
If you have a stable keep the manure closely covered and have it removed often. Keep the yard and alley clean. Allow no refuse to accumulate anywhere. INSERTIMAGE3
The sticky pads and Claws of a housefly’s leg, which carry infec- tious diseases. Magni- fied many thousand times.

The public are now fighting through the schools and boards of health these "germ" carriers, some times termed the most " dangerous animal on earth."
Fight them continually and keep the home as free from them as possible.

Mosquitoes are a Nuisance and They Carry Disease. They breed in pools of standing water, old barrels, tubs, cans, other hollow bits of rubbish, if they lie so as to hold water. They live near where they breed, and seldom go far away. You should drain the water holes, empty or upset the barrels and tubs, bury the cans and rubbish, and clear the gutters of your house.
If you can not drain the standing pools use kerosene. Sprinkle it over the surface of the water, about one quart to four hundred square feet once a fortnight. This will kill the larvae of the Mosquito. Water for animals should be renewed every day.
Prof. William P. Seal claims to have found a breed of tiny fish which eat Mosquitoes with such greediness they will rid any neighborhood in which they are put of the malarial pest. He says, if people will cultivate the " Gambusia Affinus," a small fish now found on the South Atlantic coast from Delaware to Florida, they will soon be rid of the pest. A still smaller species of another genus, " Hebranda Formosa," about half an inch in length, is of the same general character. Both of these species are known as top minnows, from their habit of being at the surface and feeding there. They have protruding lower jaws.
Both are to be found in vast numbers in the South in the shallow margins of lakes, ponds and streams in the tide water regions. They are also to be found in shallow ditches and surface water, even where the water is but a quarter of an inch deep. They find their food in the remotest possible breeding places of the Mosquitoes and eat the Mosquitoes' larvae by the million.

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