Chapter 18 - Homeopathic Treatment of Diseases
Forms of Medicine for Administration
Selecting and Using Remedies
General Considerations
Diseases of the Ear
Diseases of the Eye and Eyelids
Diseases of the Respiratory Organs
Prickly Heat
Malignant Pustule
Skin Diseases
Diseases of the Digestive Organs
Diseases of Organs of Circulation
Diseases of the GenitoUrinary Organs
Diseases of Infants and Children
Diseases of Women
Surgical Diseases
Diseases of the General System and Miscellaneous Diseases
Diseases of the Nervous System

18.11 Prickly Heat

Prickly Heat.

IN hot weather the sweat glands of the skin often become congested or even inflamed from excessive stimulation by heat. There is an eruption of tiny pimples of a bright red color, sometimes with watery vesicles interspersed, and tingling and prickly sensations, annoying and,, at times, unbearable. The upper part of the forehead, and the parts of the body covered by the clothes are most subject to these attacks.

Bryonia. Prickly heat from getting overheated either by exercise, working before a furnace, ironing, etc.; red rash over the whole body, profuse sweating on slight exertion.

Arsenicum. Prickly heat, with watery vesicles, burning, itching and crawling sensations, especially at night general debility, indigestion.

Ledum. Red, pimply eruptions, especially on the face and forehead; with intense itching, worse from scratching and from the heat of the bed; prickly heat, with sensation as if bitten by insects.

Urtica Urens Extremely distressing burning heat of the face, arms, ,shoulders and chest; with crawling sensations, numbness, and violent itching.
Also Sulphur for scrofulous persons, and those subject to skin eruptions, especially with watery blisters or vesicles, with much itching, burning and tingling, worse after rubbing and from warmth or bathing. Apis. Stinging, smarting, prickling, burning or itching of the skin, nettle like eruption. A dose of the indicated remedy every two hours.
A bran or oatmeal bath with a little carbolic acid solution in it, then mopping the skin perfectly dry without rubbing, and dusting on sub nitrate of bismuth and starch powder, or lycopodium powder is the best local treatment. Keep babies and young children out of the sun during the warmest hours of the day; do not use ice water; always purchase the purest soaps, and rinse the skin thoroughly after using. Hind's Honey and Almond Cream is a harmless and soothing

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