Chapter 2 - Hygiene
Life, the Infancy of Being
Nervous System
Anatomy - Diagram 1
Anatomy - Diagram 2
Anatomy - Diagram 3
Anatomy - Diagram 4
Anatomy - Diagram 5
Anatomy - Diagram 6
How the Mind Gets Knowledge
Blood Pressure
Nerves of the Human Body - Diagram
Sympathetic Nervous System
Food and Digestion
Nature and Destination of Food
Cost of Food
Amount of Food Taken
Animal and Vegetable Food
Proportions of Animal and Vegetable Food
Tea and Coffee
Passive Exercise
Rest and Sleep
Objects of Clothing
Bathing and Cleanliness
Air and Ventilation

2.10 Sensations

Sensations. AN effect produced on the mind through a nerve is called a sensation. Hunger is a sensation. It is an effect produced upon the mind through a certain nerve by the condition of the stomach. Thirst, pain, heat, cold, are sensations in a similar sense. Nausea is a sensation produced by some injurious substance acting upon the coats of the stomach.

Strength of Sensation.Some sensations are much stronger than others; some are very intense. A very strong sensation is called a feeling. It is common to say, ,I feel cold," or, 11 1 feel hot." We simply mean by this, that the temperature of the weather makes a very powerful impression upon us.

Kinds of Sensation. Sensations are either pleasurable or painful. Pleasurable sensations arise from the proper exercise of some healthy part of the body; and they are a suitable reward for any care the mind may take of the corporeal organs. The sensations arising from a proper amount of exercise are pleasurable. The muscles find a sort of enjoyment in action. He who leads a sedentary life, either from choice or necessity, loses much enjoyment. Hence, there is pleasure in labor; and the workingman, though often pitied by the wealthy, is generally the happiest of men. The eye and the ear, when directed to agreeable sights and sounds, derive the most agreeable sensations from exercise. The air of a beautiful springmorning gives impressions which none can describe, but which all know to be delightful. These impressions are well fitted to reward us for taking at that season, in the open air, the exercise we so much need.

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