Chapter 20 - Hydropathic Treatment
Processes of Hydropathic Treatment
Different Baths
Sea Bathing
Rules for Using Water
Wet Bandages and Compresses
Wet Sheet Pack
Wet Dress
Half Pack
Folded Wet Sheet
Rubbing Wet Sheet
Pail Douche
Half Bath
Wash Tub
Wash Down
Eye and Ear and Mouth Baths
Oral Bath

20.19 Plunge

The Plunge Bath. In sea, river, and lake, as well as by artificial means, and as a matter of luxury, religious observance, purification, and the prevention, and cure of disease, the plunge bath has, in all periods of time, and in all parts of the world, been a favorite resort. So efficacious, indeed, has this simple means proved in healing the sick, that not a little superstition has been mingled with it. Springs and wells have often been supposed to possess some mysterious power, and for that reason has been named after some patron saint. In this respect, the world has loved mystery and marvellousness rather than the pure and simple truth. In hydropathic practice, the plunge is much used; but many patients are not able to bear it. Those who are not sufficiently strong for it at first, should practice the rubbing wet sheet, the half bath, drinking, exercise, etc., until the plunge can be borne. It is a favorite remedy at all the establishments, to be taken directly on coming from the wet sheet pack.

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