Chapter 20 - Hydropathic Treatment
Processes of Hydropathic Treatment
Different Baths
Sea Bathing
Rules for Using Water
Wet Bandages and Compresses
Wet Sheet Pack
Wet Dress
Half Pack
Folded Wet Sheet
Rubbing Wet Sheet
Pail Douche
Half Bath
Wash Tub
Wash Down
Eye and Ear and Mouth Baths
Oral Bath

20.22 Sitz

The Sitz Bath. CONVENIENT tubs, wooden or metallic, are constructed for this bath, but an ordinary wash tub answers very well. The vessel should be large enough to permit the motion of the arms in rubbing the abdomen, sides, and hips, first with one hand, and then with the other. Water enough should generally be used to pretty nearly cover the belly. The more movement and friction while in this bath the better. It is more conveniently administered when the tub is elevated two or three inches from the floor. Some undress the patient completely, and place a blanket or sheet over the upper part of the body; but oftener only those parts are uncovered which are to be exposed to the water. (Fig. 193.) In a variety of ailments, this bath is highly valuable. It may be made one of the most powerful of all the hydropathic modes. Like all other powerful applications, it should be taken only when digestion is nearly or quite completed. As a tonic to the stomach, liver, bowels, womb, spine, etc., this bath is highly useful. In constipation and other irregularities it is famous. Those of sedentary habits will find its use of rare service. For the tonic effect, ten, twenty, twenty five, or thirty minutes. If continued for some length of time the water is to be changed once or more, as it would otherwise become too warm.

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