Chapter 20 - Hydropathic Treatment
Processes of Hydropathic Treatment
Different Baths
Sea Bathing
Rules for Using Water
Wet Bandages and Compresses
Wet Sheet Pack
Wet Dress
Half Pack
Folded Wet Sheet
Rubbing Wet Sheet
Pail Douche
Half Bath
Wash Tub
Wash Down
Eye and Ear and Mouth Baths
Oral Bath

20.25 Wash Down

* Wash Down. THE process to which this name is given by Dr. Edward Johnson is practiced as follows: 11 The patient stands in an empty sitting or wash tub, beside which stands a pail of cold water with two coarse towels soaking in it. The bath attendant, taking his place behind the patient, lifts one of the towels all loaded with water, and lays it quickly on the patient's head. The patient immediately seizes it, removes it from his head, and rubs himself rapidly with it, his face, his throat, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, bowels, thighs and legs, having gone rapidly over the whole body once, be drops his towel into the pail again, which the bath man presses down to the bottom of the water, then lifts it out, and places it on his head again. As before, the patient seizes it, and goes all over the same ground once more, and then drops it into the water again, when the bath man again lifts it and places it on the head to be a third time removed by the patient, and applied as before, rapidly, actively and energetically, all over his body in front. The bath man is industriously occupied all the time behind in the same manner, from the back of the neck to the back of the legs, wetting his own towel as often as he wets that used by the patient, viz., three times. This is called a wash down of three towels. The patient is then dried in a dry sheet. It is a more powerful bath than the common towel bath, but not in all respects so convenient to take.

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