Chapter 20 - Hydropathic Treatment
Processes of Hydropathic Treatment
Different Baths
Sea Bathing
Rules for Using Water
Wet Bandages and Compresses
Wet Sheet Pack
Wet Dress
Half Pack
Folded Wet Sheet
Rubbing Wet Sheet
Pail Douche
Half Bath
Wash Tub
Wash Down
Eye and Ear and Mouth Baths
Oral Bath

20.8 Wet Dress

The Wet Dress. A MODIFICATION Of the wet sheet, and in some respects an improvement, is the "wet dress," so called. A coarse linen or cotton dress is made with large arms, so that one may take the application without help. The dress being Wet and applied, the patient lays himself upon blankets, in which he wraps himself just sufficiently to become comfortable. Or, he may have dry flannel dresses to put on over the wet one, and then lie in a common bed. In this application, the air is not excluded from the surface to anything like the same extent as in the common tight pack. Hence, a patient may remain in it a half, or the whole of the night, if he chooses, being careful to become neither too warm nor too cold. Rewetting once or twice in the night will be of service. Often in a single night a bad cold may be thrown off in this simple way.

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