Chapter 24 - Dieting in Regard to Health
Dieting in Regard to Health

24.1 Dieting in Regard to Health

How to Grow Fat. IT is often as annoying to many to be thin as it is in others to be fleshy. Here again the remedy consists in overcoming the natural or peculiar forces at work predisposing to the paucity of fat accumulation, and first of all to grow fat means for the thin person to grow lazy and good natured. Worry, cares, much work and short hours for sleep, must be overcome. Clean skins, clean clothes, clean air and plenty of sunshine are the sine qua non for thin people to observe. Little work, long hours of sleep, plenty of rich food well digested, a merry disposition, regular hours for meals, with naps between times are also requisite principles to observe for him who would grow fat. Drink plenty of water, say one or two glasses of pure water on arising and again on retiring. Do not overload the stomach with water, but d , ink all it will comfortably stand. Ride in the open air often, enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and bathe in cool water, especially sea water when practicable. It will be found much more difficult for some than for others to observe all these principles, and again much more difficult for some to benefit by them than others; yet everybody can add pounds to their present weight if only they will persevere in all these instructions. Of the food necessary to avoid, the chief articles are acids, spices, and condiments generally. Of those most productive of fat are the cereals and starchy food like potatoes, oatmeal, bread, puddings, etc. Again, fatty meats, cream, butter, and milk, chocolate, oils, etc., supply fat directly to the system. Sweets are also conducive to fat formation, like sugar, beets, custards, etc. Sweet wines and porter are likewise fattening. It must be borne in mind, however, that these very classes of food are often the cause of indigestion, which makes people thin, hence a good appetite and a good digestion are prerequisites for this sort of a dietary. It is often a benefit for those with weak stomachs to eat a little six times a day, say a light breakfast, dinner, and supper, and a glass of milk in the middle of the forenoon and afternoon. To Reduce Flesh. Corpulence, or obesity is generally more annoying to most people than the opposite extreme. It is, however, as natural for some people to be fat as it is for others to be thin. To reduce flesh, however, is legitimate within certain limits. The functions of the body should not be interfered with nor weakened by any sort of treatment directed to the reduction of flesh. There have always been kept on the market for sale medicines whose sole aim is to render people thinner, but most of them are neither trustworthy nor safe. Of new medicines the most reliable is Phytolene. The thyroid gland of the sheep, taken in five grain doses on retiring, has quite recently been extolled as a reliable and harmless medicine against obesity. This medicine has been on the market for only a short time, but it is known to be perfectly harmless. The use of a teaspoonful of phosphate of soda in a glassful of hot water on arising, and a like dose at bedtime if the bowels are not moved too much by the morning dose, is of great assistance if persevered with over several months or so. Together with the abstinence from sugars in any form and the avoidance of potatoes will cause a great reduction in flesh. Lately the writer in four months has caused a patient to reduce the weight from 185 pounds to 150 pounds without any other treatment. No drugs, unless the salt may be classed ~s one, were given and the comfort and health of the patient has been increased a great deal. Corpulence. ALL people are not formed in the same mould, some are as fat as others are lean. This is owing to a number of causes, namely: the easy digestion and absorption of food stuffs; easy dispositions coupled with easy work and nourishing food.; the preponderance of fatty, sweet or starchy food in the diet list; a certain hereditary predisposition, etc., etc. The style of one's diet (starchy), and the natural tendency in some to put on fat, have probably more to do with corpulence than any other two factors. This condition oftentimes is so distressing as to amount to disease. The heart walls and sac become so infiltrated with fat as to impede the easy action of the heart muscle, as to retard slow, deep respirations and render all exertions a labor. One may die quite suddenly of fatty heart. The condition at all events often calls for treatment. To Reduce Flesh. The, so called Banting Treatment consists in the abstinence from all fats, sweets, and starchy food. Bunting of England, after having tried all other procedures, very rationally invented this treatment. Whatever else may be tried, this plan of dieting stands pre eminently On the foreground, and must be persisted in, either alone or as an adjuvant to other treatments. The following general rules will serve u a guide in the selection of proper foods: Avoid starchy food, sugar and fat, milk, coarse cereals, pork or lard in all its forms. Can eat: Of Soups: Mutton, chicken and clam broths, beef tea. Of Fish : All kinds except salt or fatty, like bluefish and mackerel. Of Meats : The lean of mutton, beef or chicken in small quantities. Of Vegetables: All kinds but potatoes, turnips and parsnips. Eggs, bread, cornmeal, etc. All kinds of fruit and berries. Weak coffee with little sugar or milk, light wines, and the various mineral waters. Poland, Vichy, Londonderry, Hunyadi, etc., can be taken. Moderate gentle exercise is to be indulged in. The bowels are to be kept loose with some saline apparent each day, like Carlsbad salts. Recently cases have been reported of marked success in the use of the extract of thyroid glands in tablet form; one each night, at the same time using Garfield Tea. Iodide of potash in ten grain doses taken in one half a glass of water three times daily, has been for a long time the favorite remedy in the treatment of this disease. This dose should be increased every third day till twenty grains are taken as a dose. If the mouth tastes very badly in the morning, or pimples on the face or back appear to any very annoying degree, the medicine may be discontinued for a short times although these symptoms do no harm.

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