Chapter 27 - Introduction to Medicinals
Beet Remedy
Cayenne Pepper
White Pond Lily
Materia Medica
Articles to Accompany a Medicine Chest
Doses, Weights, etc.
French Dosage

27.12 Infusions

THESE doses are for adults: For young people from 15 to 21, give 2/3 , of dose. For children from 7 to 15, give .5 of dose For infants, from 1/3 of dose In administering medicines of all kinds the strength and condition of the patient should be taken into consideration. Infusions are solutions of vegetable medicines, generally obtained by pouring boiling water upon the substance, and letting it stand till it cools. When a more prolonged application of heat is desired, the vessel may stand for a while by the fire, but must not be permitted to boil. The vessel should usually be covered. As in the case of tinctures, I have uniformly, while writing this Materia Medica, briefly named the quantity to be used to the pint, whenever it varies from one ounce,.

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