Chapter 27 - Introduction to Medicinals
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27.4 Beet Remedy

Beet (Beta Vulgaris)

Successfully used in suppressed or delayed Menstruation, also in Gravel. Also in cuts or wounds - Scrape raw Beet and bind over wound fresh every hour.

Beet Remedy

Syrup made from the Garden Beet has been found very efficient and effective in the treatment for gravel and delayed menstruation, when the latter is caused by unnatural conditions, such as colds, etc. Beet syrup is prepared as follows: take young beets with their stalks and leaves, wash thoroughly and cut into small pieces. Place in kettle, covering with plenty of water. Cover the kettle and let them boil slowly for about one hour. When thoroughly cooked and soft, press with a wire potato-masher. Strain the liquid into another kettle. Place this on the stove over a slow fire and boil to consistency of a syrup.

Dose: One half to one teaspoonful of the syrup two or three times a day.

Prevention: To prevent amenorrhea, women should be careful and not expose themselves to cold or wet during the menstrual period. During the menstrual period sexual intercourse and violent emetics or purgatives should be avoided; thin shoes and stockings should not be worn, as they expose the feet and legs to the cold. These precautions must be strictly observed just before and during the menstrual period. By so doing chronic suppression of the menstrual flow can doubtless be avoided.

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