Chapter 27 - Introduction to Medicinals
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Materia Medica
Articles to Accompany a Medicine Chest
Doses, Weights, etc.
French Dosage

27.8 Articles to Accompany a Medicine Chest

IT is advisable for families who prepare their own medicines to supply themselves with scales and graduated glasses, as the medicines in this book are prescribed in this way. Still, in many instances, measuring with spoons will answer. The following articles should be kept in the medicine chest: 1. A spatula for mixing ointments and pills, and for spreading plasters. 2. A piece of smooth marble on which the above articles may be mixed, divided, and spread. 3. A glass funnel. 4. A domestic syringe for injection. 5. Adhesive or sticking plaster. 6. Lint. 7. Scales and weights. S. A glass or wedgewood mortar and pestle. 9. A graduated wineglass for measuring teaspoonfuls and tablespoonfuls of liquids. 10. A graduated minim measure. 11. A two ounce graduated measure.

The minim measure is represented by Fig. 195, and contains one fluid dram, or sixty minims, which is divided by twelve lines, each line representing five minims. A minim is considered about equal to one and a half drops. The two ounce measure is represented by Fig. 196, and is divided off from half a dram upward.

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