Chapter 27 - Introduction to Medicinals
Beet Remedy
Cayenne Pepper
White Pond Lily
Materia Medica
Articles to Accompany a Medicine Chest
Doses, Weights, etc.
French Dosage

27.9 Doses, Weights, etc.

Apothecary’s weights, by which all medicinal preparations ought to be weighed, are divided into pounds, ounces, scruples, drams, and grains. The characters marked on weights and graduated measures are explained as follows: Sj one ounce. f Ej one fluid ounce. gss half an ounce. 3i one dram. f3j one fluid dram. 3ss half a dram. Zo )j one scruple. Dss half a scruple. The grain weights are stamped with punch marks. 20 grains make one scruple. 60 drops make one fluid dram. 3 scruples make one dram. 8 drams make one fluid ounce. 8 drams make one ounce. 1 16 ounces make one pint. By apothecary's weight: lb The pound is equal to 12 ounces. The ounce is equal to 8 drams. By apothecary's measure: 3 The dram is equal to 3 scruples. D The scruple is equal to 20 grains. 0 The pint is equal to sixteen ounces. 3 The dram is equal to ninety drops, or sixty minims. The marks and words used by physicians and apothecaries may be a little more fully explained by the following table: l~ stands for recipe, and means take. dd stand for ana, and mean of each. lb stands for libra vel librce, and means a pound or pounds. g stands for uncia vel uncice, and means an ounce or ounces. 3 stands for drachma vel drachmm,, and means a dram or drams. ~o. stands for scrupulus vel scrupuli, and means a scruple or scruples. 0 stands for octarius vel octarii, and means a pint or pints. f g stands for fluiduncia vel #,t,,iduncice, and means a fluid ounce or fluid ounces. f 3 stands for fluidrachma vel fluidrachmce, and means a fluid dram or fluid drams. m stands for minimum vel minima, and means a minim or minims. Chart. stands for chartula vel chartulce, and means a small paper oi papers. Coch. stands for cochlear vel cochlearia, and means a spoonful or spoonfuls. Collyr. stands for collyrium, and means an eye water. Cong. stands for congui3 vel conguii, and means a gauou or gallons. Decoct. stands for decoctum, and means a decoction. R. stands forflat and means make. Garg. stands for gargarysma, and means a gargle. Gr. stands for granum vel grana, and means a grain or grains. Git. stands for gutta vel guttce, and means a drop or drops. Haust. stands for haustus, and means a draught. Infus. stands for infvsum, and means an infusion. M. stands for misce, and means mix. Mass. stands for massa, and means a mass. Mist. stands for mistura, and means a mixture. Pil. stands for pilula vel pilulce, and means a pill or pills. Pulv. stands for pulves vel pulveres, and means a powder or powders. Q. S. stands for quantum sufficit, and means a sufficient quantity. S. stands for signa, and means write. Ss. stands for semis, and means a half. Domestic, or Approximate Measures. A tablespoon contains about four drams; a teaspoon, one dram; a dessertspoon, three drams; a wineglass, tvre ounces. Spoons vary so much in size, that they should not be used as measures in giving powerful medicines. Spoons can also be used for measuring solid substances, but are not as accurate, as the solid substances vary very much in weight, in that I would not advise their use in measuring powerful drug. One dram, or 60 grains, to a teaspoonful. Four drams, or half an ounce, to a tablespoonful. The spoon should be level full for solids.

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