Chapter 29 - Proprietary and Patent Medicines
Proprietary and Patent Medicines

29.1 Proprietary and Patent Medicines

PROPRIETARY AND PATENT MEDICINES. NOTHING in the world has given rise to so much superstition and blind folly as the following of fanatic leaders in the curing of disease. Since Hippocrates, and even back to Apollo himself, if we may believe old Grecian and Roman tales, quackery in medicine has reigned supreme. It pleases people to follow up what appears miraculous in life. Results are more important to the minds of many people than the circumstances effecting results; hence, if a person by hook or crook recovers from a disease while using some patent medicine, he ascribes to its employment some specific usefulness, irrespective of the natural course of the malady, or whatever else he may or may not have done. In this way ancient amulets and modern patent medicines have seemed to cure cancer, leprosy, liver and kidney and other diseases; and in this way enormous fortunes have been made by advertising in gorgeous attire some specific oil or balsam, the apparent defenders of health and strength. Patent medicines are sold to make money, and not to cure the public ; their usefulness is generally in inverse ratio to their labels;. There are, however, some good patent medicines. In some cases they will prove just the thing the system needs, but the risk is too great unless recommended by some physician. It is their blind, indiscriminate use that we condemn. Their formula not being known is what makes them dangerous. They usually are made up of some powerful stimulant which makes the patient feel better for a time, and then leaves the system more relaxed than ever, and hurts the nerves or digestion. We will point out a few that are useful. There is another class of medicines which are put up by the great pharmaceutical houses, which deserve popular use. Their composition being known, there is no secrecy about them. They are prepared in the most scientific manner. These houses have a name to preserve, and have ample means to procure the services of the best chemists, and, using such large quantities of drugs, they can procure the best and most uniform. They do not claim to be cure alls, but are compounded for special diseases or conditions, which are plainly state~ and axe only claimed to be a remedy for such diseases or conditions of the system. They are just what your physician would prescribe. The difficulty is in rightly choosing from the vast number. Of late there has sprung up a class of houses who make it a custom to imitate any well known medicine which has proved valuable, and, by selling their imitations cheaper and using some flaring label, palm off these imitations as being just as good. We would advise that they be shunned like the plague. If here is anything that ought to be pure, it is the drugs, stimulants and nourishment that we take as medicine. While we do not claim to give a list in this chapter of all valuable remedies, we recommend several of the best and most valuable, which have stood the test of use, and can be taken with safety and benefit. Read in the front part of the book a description of your trouble, then turn to the department in this chapter corresponding to it, and choose the remedy. In all cases the directions will be found on the wrapper of the remedy. Acetozone. Acetozone is really a crystalline powder but marketed as a fifty per cent mixture to be used in doses of three to five grains dispensed in gelatin capsules for the cure of diseases which are supposed to be propagated by germs, such as intestinal and bladder troubles. Adrenalin Chloride. Adrenalin Chloride is a preparation of the suprarenal gland mixed in certain proportions with substances to cause an increase of blood pressure throughout the body. Uses. Its most important uses are in a diluted solution as one to one thousand in the treatment of hay fever, tonsilar troubles, troubles of the throat, eye, pelvis and in surgical operations to control or prevent bleeding. In combination with weak solutions of cocaine it can be injected the same as simple cocaine solutions, and in addition to the anesthesia thus formed it will stimulate the patient by its action on the heart and prolong the anesthetic effect of the cocaine. It is also used in asthma and in hay fever by subcutaneous injection of five to ten drops of the one to one thousand solution with good results. It may be used in the form of a spray, applied on pads of cotton for local application or simply applied in solution to the body. Its action is supposed principally to be by direct contraction of the muscular coats of the smaller arteries distant from the heart, thus increasing the arterial pressure. It also acts as a direct stimulant on the heart, similar to digitalis, and through some stimulation of the nerves that control the blood vessels the pressure is still more increased, causing a slowing of the heart. Animals which were apparently dead from anesthesia have been brought to life through the effects of adrenalin. Antiphlogistin is a substance with an earthy base to which several antiseptics and chromatics have been added. ' The efficiency lies in the withdrawal of water from the inflamed area, together with the constant application of an antiseptic poultice to the affected part. In pneumonia used as a poultice it has been claimed to exert a powerful influence and gives relief. Antithermolin and several other preparations have a formula quite similar to the above and are said to accomplish the same purpose. The latest pharmacopoeia accepts a preparation which is called Cataplasm of Kaolin. This will be made by druggists at a much cheaper price than proprietary compounds, as the formula is furnished to all and consequently is without the stigma of " secret formula." Its action is supposed to be identical with the preparation just described. Anti Fat. Phytoline is used very extensively. Thyroid Tablets of 5 grains each 3 times a day are very effectual. Anti Scrofulous. Iodia, an alterative and tonic; is much used by the best physicians. This is purely a vegetable medicine. It eliminates specific poison from the blood, which is the seat of the disease, and its tonic power gives strength to the system to throw off the disease. Chapoteant Sol. Iodide Strontium is much used. Is very easily digested, but is rather expensive. Syrup Trifolium Compound is a harmless remedy; is a vegetable remedy, and, taken a long time, is a very good remedy to purify the blood. Biliousness. Garfield Tea and Fig Syrup contain no salicylic acid, minerals or opium. Are purely vegetable remedies, and can be used by infants, children and adults with safety. India Cholagogue is an old remedy of worth. Therapeutic Effects of Lactic Acid as found in Buttermilk. During the past two years great interest has been aroused in regard to the beneficial action of lactic acid bacilli or germs which may be introduced into the body by way of the intestinal tract. The famous foreign physician Metchnikoff has increased the interest by his assertions that life might gradually be prolonged beyond the average by the proper use of sour milk. He claims that there are many germs in the intestines that when undergoing change during the digestion of food cause toxins or poisons, which decrease resistant powers of the body and shorten life. Owing to the fact that these germs act best in the normal condition of the intestinal tract which is of alkaline reaction he advanced the theory that their development might be diminished if a substance could be administered that would neutralize the alkaline medium and possibly make it acid. Now a certain type of sour milk contains lactic acid which is well borne by the body, and by causing the digesting food to become acid stops the destructive germs from increasing. The best bacilli for the purpose are obtained from the so called Bacilli Bulgaricus which has long been used in the preparation of Bulgarian sour milk. These seem far superior to ordinary sour milk, buttermilk or any other lactic acid productions, and they may be found upon the market under different names and in tablet form such as Lactobacillin Tablets, Fairchild's Lactic Bacillary tablets and others. These are guaranteed to be developed from the true Bulgarian stock, and have been proved by numerous tests to be far superior in their action to the ordinary lactic acid bacteria which is found in buttermilk. These tablets may be added to good sweet milk, and undoubtedly in many cases of intestinal fermentation, poorly nourished individuals from deficient digestion, and some types of chronic constipation great improvement noted. Cod Liver Oil Preparation. Vinol. The new cod liver preparation without oil represents unusual bodybuilding and strengthening virtue. In all cases where cod liver oil is needed, Vinol will give the best results, for it is immediately assimilated and acceptable to the weakest stomach, and for this reason it is fast superseding old fashioned cod liver oil and emulsions. It is guaranteed to contain in a highly concentrated form all the medicinal elements actually taken from fresh cods' livers, with organic iron and other bodybuilding ingredients, in a deliciously palatable and easily digested form, but no oil or grease. The simplicity of Vinol is its grandest feature, as it is absolutely free from drugs and injurious ingredients. It is not a patent medicine, as everything in it is named on the label. Chester Kent & Co., Boston. Coughs. King's Consumption Cure is one of the best cough mixtures. Linonine is composed of flaxseed oil combined with chloroform, and is good to soften and allay a common hard cough. Cystogen. Cystogen is a trade name for preparations with similar action under the names of urotopin, amenoform and cystamin. All these remedies are practically limited to fermentation disturbances in the digestive tract, and especially for bladder trouble such as ammonical urine, cystitis, uric acid diseases, gout and also to prevent development of typhoid lever germs and spoil their infectiousness. The dose is eight to fifteen grains well diluted with water three times a day. Diabetes. Gluten Flour is the best food and contains only a small amount of starch. In making the bread it should be mixed with a spoon with wheat bran. The hands should never touch the Gluten Flour. No other bread should be eaten, or other starchy foods. If the patient gets tired of Gluten Flour, alternate with Soya Bean Meal. Digestive Medicines. Acid Phosphate promotes digestion without injury and thereby relieves the diseases caused by indigestion. It is excellent for acidity of the stomach and is a very pleasant and healthful drink combined with some syrup and soda. There are so many different causes of dyspepsia, it is often necessary to try several remedies. The following are good: Liquid Lactopeptine, Liquid Pancreaticus more especially for bowel indigestion. The various preparations of pepsin are good. Disinfectants. Eucaline is used around the house as a disinfectant during disease, as a preventative from contagion. Diluted it makes a rood tooth and mouth wash, a few drops in a tumbler of water. Is good to sweeten bowls and bath tubs. Can be used in the water pan of furnaces to cleanse the air, and in fact where any disinfectant is used. Female Complaint. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound is an honest, tried, and true remedy for all those distressing Ms peculiar to women. It has made a constant record of cures for more than thirty years. It acts directly and favorably on the female organism, and should be relied upon with confidence by all women who suffer with any derangement of the feminine organism. Formaldehyde. Formaldehyde though practically a gas is always dispensed as a liquid. It is used in surgery and as a general antiseptic in the cleansing of wounds and abscesses and for the disinfection of clothing, surgical dressings, bed linen and fumigation of houses after illness. In the latter use, the gas for its penetrating powers is more valuable than the solution. It is of a very cleansing, irritating nature and commonly causes severe symptoms if inhaled in any strength or if contact of its fumes with the eyes is allowed. One quarter to one half per cent solution is generally considered strong enough in surgery and in antiseptics about twice that amount is safe. Although some observers have reported it harmless to man it is not recommended to be taken internally. In minute amounts it has been used to preserve beer and other liquids, it being said it can escape detection of taste or smell. Certain medical preparations now well known on the market owe their efficiency to the liberation of formaldehyde when the substances are acted upon in the digestive tract by the juices of the body. Foods, Invalid and Baby. Mellin's Food is one of the oldest and best; it needs no cooking. Mixed with milk it contains all that is necessary to nourish the body. It is the best known baby food and is invaluable for those suffering from nervous prostration or nonassimilation of food. Malted Milk is a good food for all ages but is more particularly adapted for adult invalids. Bartlett's Food is good for nervous children. Robinson's Groats and Barley, intended for children, is a laxative food. Headaches. The remedies for headaches are numberless. For immediate relief, Quincetine Headache Powders is one of the best remedies and has the advantage of leaving no unpleasant effects. You can buy in tablet form if you wish. Hypnotic and Sleep Producing Medicines. Bromidia is much used. It is composed of chloral and the bromides. Every fluid dram contains 15 grains each of pure chloral hydrate and purified bro. pot., and one eighth grain each of gen. imp. ex. cannabis ind. and hyoscyam. In the restlessness and delirium of fevers it is invaluable. It is well to take outdoor exercise and drink a cupful of warm or malted milk just before retiring. Iron Preparations. Elixir Three Chlorides is a good blood maker. Schlotterbeck's Syrup, Phospho Chloride of Iron is a good preparation of liquid iron and easily digested. Liquid Beef Preparations. Beef Peptonoids, Liquid Beef Peptonoids, and Liquid Peptonoids with Creosote, are preparations of beef in a very digestible form, palatable and very nourishing. Bovox, Bovinine and Wyeth's Beef Juice are very nourishing and are valuable for travelers and to take between meals when faint. Liquid Malts. Are chiefly serviceable in inability to digest starchy foods, and in convalescence. All of the following are good: Tarrant's and Hoff's Malts, Liquid Bread, Trommer's Malt with Iodides, Trommer's Citrate of Iron and Quinine, and Trommer's Malt with Pepsin. Liver and Kidney Medicines. Garfield Tea is a good family medicine, is harmless, contains no minerals and clears the liver and kidneys of effete matter. Buchu and Hyoscyamus Comp. (Tyree's) to soothe an irritable bladder. In kidney troubles consult the best physicians obtainable. Loss of Nervous Energy and Impotency. Sterility in both the male and female. The best remedy for loss of energy and impotency is Kola. Nothing can compare with KolaKoloid. Its use by the negro in Africa has extended all over the world. It is well known that they raise the largest families and their energy in this respect can perhaps be traced to the use of Kola. Theodore Metcalf Co., Boston, Mass. Modern Medicinal Skin and Toilet Powder. Comfort Powder heals and prevents all affections of the skin chafing, scalding, itching, burns, sunburn, nettle rash, offensive perspiration, or any skin soreness. Unequaled after shaving. Comfort Powder Co., Hartford, Conn. Neuralgia.Is usually caused by poverty of the blood. Quince PROPRIETARY AND PATENT MEDICINES. tine is one of the best remedies. Its use is not followed by any unpleasant effects. Painful Menstruation and Vaginal Remedies. Wine of American Ash, made from the outside back of the White Ash, is much used in the treatment of the various uterine affections, namely, prolapsus, versions, menstrual irregularities, inflammation, leucorrhea, etc.,or Viburnum Capsules. Pain Medicines. One of the very best of all opium preparations is Papine and it is efficacious in most cases. Papine is the anodyne or pain relieving principle of opium, the narcotic and convulsive elements being eliminated. One fluid dram is equal in anodyne power to one eighth of a grain of morphine. Phenolphthalen. This remedy is a so called secretory cathartic which has lately made its appearance and proved so efficacious that a short description is thought worthy of mention. It is of a yellowish white or almost white color, insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol, devoid of taste and odor, and is the most important late addition to our stock of cathartics. It is nonirritant to the kidneys. acts on the circulation in a beneficial manner and is nonpoisonous, large sized doses having accidentally been taken without bad results, It can be used in any condition where a cathartic is indicated, and if the patient is active will act in four to six hours, otherwise it should be taken eight to ten hours before a movement is desired. The dose is one to five grains though the average is usually about three grains. As it is usually dispensed in tablets it should be chewed up and swallowed with a little water, when a satisfactory movement of the bowels may be expected in the time above stated. Plasters. Their number is legion. Bell Capsic, Cuticura and Capsicum are all good. Prostate Gland Diseases. Sammetto is used largely for these troubles, especially for the aged. Sal Hepatica. Sal Hepatica is said by its makers to be an efficient saline with laxative and hepatic qualities. It is said to eliminate irritating poisons in the body and act as a solvent of uric acid which is supposed to be one of the causes of rheumatism. It counteracts an excessive acid in the digestive tract, thus providing digestion to a certain degree, and is of great benefit in the treatment of rheumatism, gout and lithiemia. It is probably a combination of lithia with sodium phosphate and other phosphatic salts. The dose is one half to one teaspoonful dissolved in a glassful of water half an hour before each meal when used as a rheumatism remedy. When needed for a cathartic, two to three teaspoonfuls dissolved in a large tumblerful of water and taken one hour before breakfast is recommended. Skin Diseases. The various preparations of Sarsaparilla are good. Syrup Trifolium Compound is one of the best remedies to purify the blood. A cure from this remedy is almost certain to remain so. Sulphur is also good. Hamamelis for an external application is soothing and cooling. It is excellent for reducing inflammation. Stomach Tonics. Horsford's Acid Phosphate for indigestion, Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient for acidity and belching of wind. For a strict tonic the following are good: Elixir Calisaya Bark and Bismuth, Elixir Calisaya and Iron, Elixir Calisaya, Bismuth and Pepsin. Toilet Antiseptic. Paxtine. A nonalcoholic antiseptic, possessing extraordinary cleansing, healing and germicidal qualities. It cures nasal catarrh, sore throat, sore eyes, whitens the teeth. cleanses the mouth and all inflamed and ulcerated conditions, especially those caused by female ills. R. Paxton Co., Boston, Mass. Vaginal Remedies. Orange Blossoms are the best for general use. Antiseptic Vaginal Cones and Boro Glyceride Suppositories are also largely used. Whooping Cough .Vapo Cresoline. Is a liquid to be burned over a night lamp. It relieves the cough and hastens recovery. Wounds. Aristol, Dermatol and Iodoform are used to promote healing.

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