Chapter 3 - Temperament, Constitution of the Body, Symptoms of Diseases
Medication and Temperaments
The Constitution
How to Examine a Patient
Explanatory Table of Symptoms
Temperature of the Body
Sickness During Life
Human Longevity
Strength and Warmth from Food and Drink
Weight of the Human Body
Diagram of Symptoms
Diagram of Symptoms
Diagram of Symptoms
Diagram of Symptoms
Diagram of Symptoms
Diagram of Symptoms
Symptoms of Different Diseases

3.15 Diagram of Symptoms

A Quick Diagnosis Diagram.

  1. Frontal Headache, Eye strain, Neuralgia, nervous headache, The application of cloths as hot as can be borne, changing frequently, will prove of great service. Loosen the clothing about the neck, lie down in dark room. Or tie a bandage tightly about the forehead wet with some cologne or camphor water. In some cases an ice bag cloths relieve where warmth fails.
  2. A Temporal headache, congestive headache, earache. Apply hot water bottle or hot hop or salt bag or a small size mitigated mustard plaster.
  3. Sore throat, laryngitis, croup. Wrap throat with wrung out of very hot water (careful not to burn patient) and cover with large dry towel or flannel cloth. This is to steam throat.
  4. Pneumonia, bronchitis, lung fever or congestion. Large. hot flaxseed poultices applied constantly and changed when cold. When discontinued wipe dry and apply hot dry flannel to prevent taking cold. (See index.)
  5. Colic or gastritis. Mustard poultice or plaster applied to pit of stomach in conjunction with appropriate internal treatment. (See index.)
  6. Appendicitis. Hot flaxseed poultices applied constantly to this region with very mild diet and quietness of the bowels. Or cloths wrung out of hot water to which a little turpentine has been added. (See index.)
  7. Intestine troubles, cold in bowels, peritonitis. Hot flaxseed poultices, hot wet turpentine stupes as advised for No. 6. spice bags or hot water bottles.
  8. Retention of Urine. The application of heat at this point will often allow the bladder to be emptied. May be applied in form of hot cloths, hot water bag, or hot plates. (See index.)
  9. Water on the Knee. Cataplasm of kaolin, obtainable at any druggist's is the best and surest remedy.
  10. Sprained ankle. The first application should be cold wet cloths applied about ankle joint, for 12 to 24 hours and later the joint kept entirely at rest for several days either in a pillow with splints on either side to retain the joint in one position or else the joint should be put in a plaster cast.
For Other Remedies for above Diseases, See Index

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