Chapter 3 - Temperament, Constitution of the Body, Symptoms of Diseases
Medication and Temperaments
The Constitution
How to Examine a Patient
Explanatory Table of Symptoms
Temperature of the Body
Sickness During Life
Human Longevity
Strength and Warmth from Food and Drink
Weight of the Human Body
Diagram of Symptoms
Diagram of Symptoms
Diagram of Symptoms
Diagram of Symptoms
Diagram of Symptoms
Diagram of Symptoms
Symptoms of Different Diseases

3.16 Diagram of Symptoms

A Quick Diagnosis Diagram.

  1. Headache, congestion of the base of the brain, occipital headache. A hot water bottle or small mustard poultice applied to nape of neck in conjunction with hot foot baths, are efficient in these troubles.
  2. Stiff neck, torticouis or wry neck. Bathing with hot alcohol and water, or chloroform or ammonia liniments are useful applications.
  3. Nose bleed (epistaxis). Cold applications, as piece of ice or large cold key placed in position.
  4. Holding a wad of tissue paper between upper lip and teeth under nostril of bleeding side.
  5. Pleurisy. Paint with tincture of iodine for a cute and chronic pleurisy though hot flaxseed poultices are possibly better for the very painful acute variety. Swathing the lower portion of the chest with firm bandages to prevent too deep breathing gives great relief.
  6. Backache, lumbago, Thorough massage of the back muscles in region of No. 5, using some bland and soothing oil like sweet or olive oil is excellent. Avoid irritating applications like mustard poultices but use porous plasters in their place or adhesive plaster straps.
  7. Sciatica. Painting course of sciatic nerve with tincture of iodine or the application of three or four fly blisters about three fourths of an inch square, two or three inches and, down the back.
For Other Remedies for Above Diseases, See Index.

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