Chapter 30 - What to Do In Case of Accidents
What to Do in Case of Fire
What to Do in Case of Bodily Injury
Burns and Scalds
Foreign Bodies in Eye, Nose, Ear and Throat
Machinery and Railroad Accidents
Electricity Accidents
Artificial Respiration
Broken Bones - Fractures
Wound Dressing Hints
Poisoned Wounds
Dressing of Wounds
Transportation of Injured

30.18 Bandages

Bandages. Gauze, Roller Bandages are made from cloth specially woven for the purpose and can be obtained at any drug store. These bandages are very absorbent, soft, and at the same time firm and strong. They are intended to be used as a direct covering for the wound, and where their absorbency is useful to hold and retain wound discharges. They are also useful in binding and holding other dressings and for the application of solutions, lotions, etc., to the wound. The gauze bandages are wrapped separately, thoroughly sterilized and sealed. They can be applied without danger of infection. Where a stronger bandage is required, or one for an outer covering, either the ribbon roller bandage or the triangular bandage should be applied. Cotton Roller Bandages. These are ribbon like strips of cotton cloth, wound into a roll like tape. They are strong and may therefore be used for binding up injuries in all parts of the body. (See page 674.)

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