Chapter 30 - What to Do In Case of Accidents
What to Do in Case of Fire
What to Do in Case of Bodily Injury
Burns and Scalds
Foreign Bodies in Eye, Nose, Ear and Throat
Machinery and Railroad Accidents
Electricity Accidents
Artificial Respiration
Broken Bones - Fractures
Wound Dressing Hints
Poisoned Wounds
Dressing of Wounds
Transportation of Injured

30.19 Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous. Sunstroke. Remove to shady place. Lay patient down, head level with body, and loosen tight clothing. Pour cold water overhead and face. Rub body with pieces of ice. In prostration from sunstroke apply heat to extremities. Fainting. Lay patient flat and loosen tight clothing around neck, chest and waist. Allow free access of air. Bathe hands and face with cold water. When conscious give tea or coffee. Fits. Kneel by patient's head, put one arm under his head and with the other undo collar. Place the handle of a penknife or any hard substance in a handkerchief and put between the teeth to prevent biting the tongue. Do not restrain his movements. Do not give any~ thing to drink. Unconsciousness. Lay patient flat, head slightly raised. Apply cold water to head. Keep body warm. Apply hot water bottles to soles of feet. Give no stimulants. Concussion or Stunning. Proceed as in fainting. Hysteria. Do not restrain patient nor sympathize with him in any way. In many cases the patient will recover best if left entirely alone. Mustard plasters may be applied to soles of feet, wrist and palms of hands.

Toad Stools. Evacuate stomach with mustard water, then Epsom Salts; stimulate. Rat Poison. Give mustard and salt, teaspoonful of each in water, then flaxseed tea freely. Dog or Mad Dog Bites. Tie band tightly above wound; cut out and cauterize wound; aptly antiseptic dressing; give purgative and warm drinks; send to Pasteur institute. Strangulation; same as Hanging. Page 563. Phosphorus (or Matches). Give mustard water, then milk and magnesia; follow with flaxseed tea freely. Paris Green; same as Arsenic. Page 565. Carbolic Acid. Give flour and water call physician

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