Chapter 30 - What to Do In Case of Accidents
What to Do in Case of Fire
What to Do in Case of Bodily Injury
Burns and Scalds
Foreign Bodies in Eye, Nose, Ear and Throat
Machinery and Railroad Accidents
Electricity Accidents
Artificial Respiration
Broken Bones - Fractures
Wound Dressing Hints
Poisoned Wounds
Dressing of Wounds
Transportation of Injured

30.3 Burns and Scalds

Burns and Scalds. CARRY patient to a place of safety. If severe send for surgeon. Remove clothing from bums. Cover burns to exclude air. Slight Burns. Keep the skin moist and cool with frequent applications. Cover with clean gauze cloth or old linen.

Severe Burns. Remove clothing by cutting away; if clothing sticks around burned part, wet with carron oil. When extensive, dress a little at a time; exclude air by covering surfaces. Never hold a burn to heat. Flush liberally with carron oil, then cover with a layer of absorbent cotton upon which vaseline has been evenly spread and secure it with a light bandage. If Clothing Catches Fire. Throw person down, wrap him in rug or shawl, roll him on the floor until flames are extinguished. Burns from Caustic Lye or Strong Ammonia. Flood with water, then with vinegar, and then treat as if burned by fire. Burns from Acid. Flood with water and wash with solution of baking soda. Frost Bite. Rub frozen part with snow or bits of ice or put into cold bath. Foreign Bodies In Eye, Nose, Ear and Throat. Foreign Bodies in Eye. Do not rub the eye. Do not use a handkerchief. First try to remove with a piece of surgically clean gauze. If not possible to wipe out the substance from the eye, blowing the nostril on the same side is often effective. Whether you get the substance out or not, drop into the eye a few drops of boracic acid, three per cent solution, close eyelid, and bathe surrounding parts liberally with boracic acid. If inflammation or pain is severe, apply pad of absorbent cotton saturated with boracic acid and bandage with clean, soft cloth. If body is under lid, put lid UP.

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