Chapter 30 - What to Do In Case of Accidents
What to Do in Case of Fire
What to Do in Case of Bodily Injury
Burns and Scalds
Foreign Bodies in Eye, Nose, Ear and Throat
Machinery and Railroad Accidents
Electricity Accidents
Artificial Respiration
Broken Bones - Fractures
Wound Dressing Hints
Poisoned Wounds
Dressing of Wounds
Transportation of Injured

30.4 Foreign Bodies in Eye, Nose, Ear and Throat

Foreign Body in Nose. Blow the nose hard, holding opposite nostril. Excite sneezing. Have patient take a full breath, then give a sharp blow on the back between the shoulders. Foreign Bodies in the Ear. For immediate relief put a few drops of warm oil into the ear. Foreign Bodies in Throat. Send for surgeon. Make patient cough by slapping him on the back, bend him forward, face downward.

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