Chapter 30 - What to Do In Case of Accidents
What to Do in Case of Fire
What to Do in Case of Bodily Injury
Burns and Scalds
Foreign Bodies in Eye, Nose, Ear and Throat
Machinery and Railroad Accidents
Electricity Accidents
Artificial Respiration
Broken Bones - Fractures
Wound Dressing Hints
Poisoned Wounds
Dressing of Wounds
Transportation of Injured

30.5 Machinery and Railroad Accidents

Machinery and Railroad Accidents. IN all cases send for the nearest surgeon; attempt very little yourself. Flush the wound with an antiseptic, then cover it with medicated gauze or similar dressing and wrap in bandage. If splint is required, apply, splint after wound is covered. Bruises or Fractured Bones. Apply cloths saturated with an antiseptic and keep the body warm. Give hot tea, coffee or milk. Crushed Fingers or Toes. Mold into natural shape with light touch. Do not handle them with your bare fingers; cover your fingers with gauze or clean cloth. Crushed Hands or Feet. Do not attempt much. Tie injured part loosely in surgically clean cloth. Send for surgeon at once. Crushed Arms or Legs. Lay patient down, cut away clothing, do not move part. Wrap with clean gauze. Wrap several sheets of absorbent cotton over this; bandage over all to hold dressing firm. Crushed Chest or Lower Part of Body. Dress any wounds with clean gauze and apply warmth until surgeon arrives.

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