Chapter 32 - Physical Culture
Physical Culture - Eugene Sandow portrait
Dumb-bell Exercise
A Student of Physical Culture
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Bed Gymnastics
The Whitely Exerciser

32.18 Bed Gymnastics

BEAUTY is one third 46 gift " and two thirds 11 care." No person can possess or retain a good figure or complexion by taking their exercise in a rocking chair. Proper exercise means effort and proper effort brings rich reward not in a day or week, but after a month of steady and regular exercise, a change for the better takes place then it becomes a habit And shows such an improvement in all round health and vitality, we wonder how we have ever lived without it. The best time for exercising is Just after awakening in the morning, when the body has been refreshed by a night's sleep, when all the organs and the nerves and muscles have been rested after the work of the previous day. An eminent physician has originated a series of exercises which he terms 11 Getting Up Exercises " or 11 Becl Gyaunasties," because they should be performed immediately upon awakening and some of them on the bed. First on the programme comes a series of breathing exercises to be done as follows: Lie flat on the back, putting pillow, bolster and bed covering aside. Stretch the arms and legs straight out (as in plate No. 1), inhale through the nose and distend the abdomen, so that the diaphragm sinks. Exhale through the mouth, drawing in the abdomen as far as possible. Inhale as the abdomen is expanded. Draw in the abdomen and at the same time expand the chest by flexing the breathing muscles. Exhale slowly through the mouth, allowing the chest to sink. Expanding of the sides (flanks). Indrawing of the sides by inhaling through the mouth and ex. haling through the nose. Each of these exercises should be repeated from five to ten times, with the windows open. The breathing should be slow and deep and regular. Especially in exhaling, every effort should be made to let the breath pass out in a steady stream, until as much as possible has been expelled. These exercises must be taken up gradually, so as to avoid all strain or weariness. Whoever has not been accustomed to inhaling and exhaling deeply will at first feel a sensation of dizziness, but this will cease after a few days. These breathing exercises not only help to develop the muscles of the chest, but force the dead air from the lungs and fill them with good, pure air. After these exercises have been conscientiously practised and become more or less easy, the real gymnastics begin as follows:

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