Chapter 33 - Phrenology
Definition of Phrenology
Location of the Organs - Diagram 1
Location of the Organs - Diagram 2
Introduction to Phrenology
The Groups and Their Functions
Definition of the Organs

33.4 Introduction to Phrenology

If Self Knowledge be, as wise men in all ages have considered it, the most important and useful of all learning, then Phrenology, which furnishes the key to this knowledge, is the most important and useful of all sciences. It enables us to measure our own capacity, to ascertain our strong and our weak points, how to cultivate the faculties which are deficient or inactive, and how to restrain or control excessive or perverted action. Knowing ourselves aright, we can set about the work of self improvement understandingly and with the best prospects of full success. Next to a knowledge of ourselves is that of our fellow men, and especially of those with whom we live in close relations of love, friendship, or business, and with whom we are brought into daily and hourly contact. Much of our happiness and of our success in life depends upon the character of our intercourse with them. To make that intercourse pleasant and profitable we must understand their characters. Phrenology enables us to do this, and thus makes us masters of the situation. Invaluable as to the Education of the Child. The parent and the teacher will find Phrenology an invaluable guide in the training of the young. What folly can be greater than that of applying the same sort of discipline and mode of culture to all children alike; yet the teacher or the parent who knows nothing of Phrenology is almost sure to fall into this error. On the other hand, those who have taken Phrenology as a guide, adapt their teachings to the peculiar mental organization of each pupil, and in governing him are not at a loss to what faculties to appeal when he needs to be restrained or brought back from any wrong course. They do not strive to suppress any faculty, knowing that all are God given and bestowed for a good purpose; but they aim to educate and discipline them, bringing, if possible, the lower into due subordination to the higher. No one is well fitted to become a teacher or a parent who does not understand the science of the mind and the art of character reading. Choice of a Pursuit. In choosing a pursuit Phrenology is of the utmost value. Some persons are fitted for one thing and some for another. A few are found who can do almost anything are nearly as well fitted for one branch of business as another. Phrenology en ables us to decide what pursuit to choose for a child. We consult his organization and find out what his natural tendencies, tastes, and capacities are, and instead of making a poor preacher, an indifferent lawyer, or a blundering doctor of a youth whom nature intended for a first rate mechanic, engineer, or business man, we allow the boy's own natural predilections to be our guide in choosing a calling for him. Therefore take time and make yourself perfectly familiar with this very important science; it will make your life a success as well as that of your children.

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