Chapter 4 - Skin Diseases
Introduction to Skin Diseases
Congestive Inflammation of the Skin
Scarlet Fever
Smallpox Vaccination
Smallpox Illustration
Smallpox Variola
Chicken Pox
Image of Erysipelas & Inflammatory Blush
Cow Pox
Nettle Rash
Rose Rash
Inflammatory Blush
Watery Pimples
Eczema and Salt Rheum
Mattery Pimples
Crusted Tetter
Papulous Scall
Scaly Eruptions
Dry Pimples
Warts and Corns
Mother's Marks
Nerves of the Skin
Color of the Skin
Disorders of the Sweat Glands
Disorders of the Oil Glands and Tubes
Barber's Itch
Disorders of the Hair and Tubes
Gypsy Moth and Brown Tail Moth
Red Nose

4.13 Nettle Rash

Nettle Rash. Urticaria.

NETTLE RASH begins with fever, which lasts two or three days, when wheals of various shapes, round, oval, and oblong, appear in the midst of red, slightly elevated patches, attended by great itching and tingling, as if the common nettle had been applied to the skin. The wheals go off during the day, and come again at night. The eruption is often a symptom of other diseases, or of mental anxiety. Sometimes it is the effect of articles of diet. Children have it occasionally while cutting teeth. A lighter form of the disease exists, in which the wheals appear and disappear at short intervals, according to the heat of the weather, the exercise, diet, etc.

Treatment. The treatment varies according to the cause of the disease. If this be anything offending the stomach, especially if it be putrid fish, an emetic (2), (4) will be required, followed by brisk physic (359). After which take a few doses of quinine (75). For external application, the lotion (216) or common vinegar and water (215) will be useful. Dr. Wilson recommends corrosive sublimate, etc. (217), as the best lotion to apply outwardly. Soda bath better.
The diet should be simple and cooling, all stimulating food and condiments being avoided. Fruit, candies, and berries often the cause.

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