Chapter 4 - Skin Diseases
Introduction to Skin Diseases
Congestive Inflammation of the Skin
Scarlet Fever
Smallpox Vaccination
Smallpox Illustration
Smallpox Variola
Chicken Pox
Image of Erysipelas & Inflammatory Blush
Cow Pox
Nettle Rash
Rose Rash
Inflammatory Blush
Watery Pimples
Eczema and Salt Rheum
Mattery Pimples
Crusted Tetter
Papulous Scall
Scaly Eruptions
Dry Pimples
Warts and Corns
Mother's Marks
Nerves of the Skin
Color of the Skin
Disorders of the Sweat Glands
Disorders of the Oil Glands and Tubes
Barber's Itch
Disorders of the Hair and Tubes
Gypsy Moth and Brown Tail Moth
Red Nose

4.23 Crusted Tetter

Crusted Tetter. Impetigo.

This eruption consists at first of slightly elevated pustules or pimples, closely congregated, with an inflamed border. These break, and the surface becomes red, excoriated, shining and full of pores, through which a thin, unhealthy fluid is poured out, which gradually hardens into dark, yellowish green scabs. These scabs sometimes look like a dab of honey dried upon the skin. This has given impetigo the name of ,honey disease," or honey scab. This honeyed look is well represented in the crusts which form on the lips and ears of children. Sometimes these scabs cover nearly the whole face, and axe called the milk crust. This is putting the agreeable words mil7c and honey to rather questionable uses! When this crusted tetter invades the head or scalp, it causes the hair '. 0 fall, and becomes what is called a 8call. Impetigo may be simple, or contagious, or syphilitic.

Treatment. The vapor bath, and water dressing. The following ointments are useful: oxide of zinc, white precipitate, or diluted nitrate of mercury (178). Hydrocyanic acid (221), applied externally, has a fine effect. The crusts should first be removed by a weak lye made from hard wood ashes, or potash; then, after applying one of the ointments above, or the lotion, cover the part with oil skin. If the crusts are on the head, the hair should be cropped off before the remedies are applied. When of syphilitic origin, treat as for that disease.

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