Chapter 4 - Skin Diseases
Introduction to Skin Diseases
Congestive Inflammation of the Skin
Scarlet Fever
Smallpox Vaccination
Smallpox Illustration
Smallpox Variola
Chicken Pox
Image of Erysipelas & Inflammatory Blush
Cow Pox
Nettle Rash
Rose Rash
Inflammatory Blush
Watery Pimples
Eczema and Salt Rheum
Mattery Pimples
Crusted Tetter
Papulous Scall
Scaly Eruptions
Dry Pimples
Warts and Corns
Mother's Marks
Nerves of the Skin
Color of the Skin
Disorders of the Sweat Glands
Disorders of the Oil Glands and Tubes
Barber's Itch
Disorders of the Hair and Tubes
Gypsy Moth and Brown Tail Moth
Red Nose

4.29 Dry Pimples

Dry Pimples.

THESE are distinguished by the high degree of irritation of the skin which they create. They are exceedingly troublesome, not only from the distress and itching they occasion, but because they are likely, in consequence of this, to be torn into painful and obstinate sores.
When appearing in children, they are called red gum, and tooth, rash. In grown persons, one form is named lichen, and another, disÂtinguished by excessive itching, prurigo.
In this form of pimples, the fluid is not poured out upon the surÂface of the true skin, as in several of the preceding diseases, but is collected within the tissue of this organ, and the pimples feel hard under the finger.
The tooth rash of infants is always accompanied with some feverÂishness, caused generally by irritation of the gums from growing teeth, occasionally by flannel worn. next the skin.

Lichen has a variety of forms. In one case the pimples are of a bright red, in another, bluish or livid. In one case they appear in circular groups,' in another they produce great disorganization of the skin, and occasion terrible suffering.

Prurigo is a still more cruel disease than lichen. The pimples are not very manifest, but the skin is thickened or swollen, and conÂdensed. The suffering from it is terrible. It gives one no sleep, night or day. That form of it called ant bite prurigo gives the senÂsation of millions of ants eating the flesh, or as many red hot needles piercing it. This renders the existence of many elderly persons a terrible burden.

Treatment. Careful diet, and gentle aperients and tonics, accordÂing to the condition of the system. Externally, the cold salt water sponge bath, and glycerine, vinegar and water, applied with a soft sponge. Tar and sulphur are among the more successful remedies in fighting this rebellious disease (362). Iron, quinine, cod Ever oil. For relieving the terrible itching of the private parts, which females sometimes suffer, I have found morphine (223), for external use, very effectual.

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