Chapter 4 - Skin Diseases
Introduction to Skin Diseases
Congestive Inflammation of the Skin
Scarlet Fever
Smallpox Vaccination
Smallpox Illustration
Smallpox Variola
Chicken Pox
Image of Erysipelas & Inflammatory Blush
Cow Pox
Nettle Rash
Rose Rash
Inflammatory Blush
Watery Pimples
Eczema and Salt Rheum
Mattery Pimples
Crusted Tetter
Papulous Scall
Scaly Eruptions
Dry Pimples
Warts and Corns
Mother's Marks
Nerves of the Skin
Color of the Skin
Disorders of the Sweat Glands
Disorders of the Oil Glands and Tubes
Barber's Itch
Disorders of the Hair and Tubes
Gypsy Moth and Brown Tail Moth
Red Nose

4.41 Freckles


THIS is a disease of the pigment layer of the skin and consists in a deposit of the coloring matter of the skin in irregular shapes, of the size of a pinhead or pea, and are yellowish, brown or even blackish, occurring for the most part on the face and back of the hands. They may be few and scattered or exceedingly abundant and cover a large area. All ages are subject to them except in very young children. The light complexioned are more subject to them, while the red haired seldom escape them. Sunlight develops them so. that many have them conspicuously only in summer. The possession of freckles is a matter greatly of idiosyncrasy, as many people never have them, no matter how much they may be subjected to the sun.

Treatment. One's aim in treatment should be toward destroying the pigment layer by some corrosive agent, like corrosive sublimate, which perhaps is the best remedy.
Two grains to the ounce in water will in most cases prove sufficiently strong. The susceptibility of the skin to this remedy and the extent of the area involved have much to do with the strength of the remedy employed. This remedy is poisonous and is to be used with care. Do not get it near the lips, but to effect a cure it must be persisted in for quite a while. Washing the face in buttermilk several times a clay is excellent.

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