Chapter 4 - Skin Diseases
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Red Nose

4.45 Baldness


A good head of hair exists where a proper supply of good blood nourishes the hair roots in the scalp. The scalp is nourished by means of blood irrigation from many groups of veins and arteries. Therefore it is necessary that the health be preserved, which means pure blood that the head be kept clean and absolutely free from dandruff and the dandruff germ so called again if a hat or any head covering compresses the veins and arteries of the scalp, the blood cannot reach the hair roots and they become sterile and fall out; for healthy hair will not fall out. Hair is for protection of the scalp it is wrong to crop it, shave it or to put on strong washing solutions that take away the oily substances that furnish the life of the hair itself. Therefore, preserve the health keep out dandruff by washing the head once a week with warm water and pure oil or castile soap, rub dry with rough towel, then massage the scalp with Vaseline and wear a loose soft hat (avoid the derby or silk hat). For scalp diseases see page 179.
When once the scalp is clean and the dandruff is cured the following lotion will be found to be of great value in those cases of baldness characterized by the hair falling out in small patches:

  • Carbolic acid . . . . . . . . . . one drachm
  • Alcohol . . . . . . . . one and a half ounces
  • Castor oil . . . . . . . . . . two drachms
  • Oil bitter almonds . . . . . . . . ten drops

The following lotion also contains desirable ingredients:
  • Tincture cantharides . . . one and a half ounces
  • Tincture capsicum . . . . one and a half ounces
  • Castor oil . . . . . . . . . . two drachms
  • Cologne . . . . . . . . . . . . one ounce

A and B, Where Baldness Begins; C, How Hats Bind the Head; D, E and F, Ends of Tiny Arteries Where the Blood Supply is First Stopped by Pressure.

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