Chapter 5 - Diseases of the Brain and Nerves
A Picture of Perfect Health - Diagram
Muscles of the Neck and Face - Diagram 1
Muscles of the Neck and Face - Diagram 2
Internal View of Base of Cranium - Diagram
Cross-section of Head - Diagram
Base of the Brain - Diagram
Cross-section of Head - Diagram
View of Skull - Diagram
Introduction to Diseases of the Brain and Nerves
Inflammation of the Dura Mater
Inflammation of the Arachnoid and Pia Mater
Brain Fever
Softening of the Brain
Abscess of the Brain
Induration of the Brain
Tumors of the Brain
Delirium Tremens
Effects of Alcohol on Stomach and Kidneys - Diagram
Effects of Alcohol on Stomach and Kidneys
Enlargement of the Brain
Shrinking of the Brain
Water in the Head
Dropsy of the Brain
CerebroSpinal Fever
Diseases of the Spinal Cord
Inflammation of the Spinal Cord
Paralysis of One Side of the Body
Paralysis of Lower Part of the Body
Local Palsy
Shaking Palsy
Lead Palsy
Muscular and Nervous Derangements from Wounds
Locked Jaw
St. Vitus' Dance
Chronic Chorea
Pains of Nerves
Tic Douloureux
Dizziness of the Head
Locomotor Ataxia

5.55 Hiccough

Hiccough. Singultus.

THIS is a sudden, jerking spasm of the midriff, occurring every few moments in bad cases, causing the air to be driven out of the lungs with such suddenness as to produce a noise something like the involuntary yelp of a puppy. It is generally caused by acidity of the stomach, which irritates the nerves distributed to its neighborhood, and is not difficult to remove; but when it occurs towards the close of some acute and grave disease, it is sometimes a sign that dissolution is at hand.

Treatment. Startle the person suffering, by exciting surprise, or fear, or anger; or let a few small draughts of cold water be taken in quick succession; or, let the breath be held as long as possible. If the stomach is sour, take a teaspoonful of bicarbonate of soda, dis. solved in half a tumblerful of cold water. To expel wind from the stomach, if it be present, take some warm aromatic essence of peppermint, ether, or compound spirits of lavender. But one of the most effectual remedies is heavy pressure made upon the collar bone8. It is simple, and very effectual. Cocaine, one eighth grain every fifteen minutes, is 4 very simple and often efficacious remedy.

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