Chapter 6 - Diseases of the Nose and Throat
Nasal Catarrh
Acute Laryngitis
Chronic Laryngitis
Laryngitis Sicca
Symptomatic Laryngitis
Tuberculosis of the Larynx
Hare Lip
Elongation of the Uvula
Chronic Inflammation of the Tonsils
A Cold. Influenza
La Grippe
Acute Inflammation of the Epiglottis
Adenoids and Enlarged Tonsils

6.17 Adenoids and Enlarged Tonsils

Adenoids and Enlarged Tonsils.

Is your child restless in its sleep? Does it snore and snuffle and sleep with its mouth open?
These conditions indicate that the tissues in the child's throat and nose have become enlarged and have closed the air passages enough to hinder breathing.

These enlargements may be either growths called Adenoids or enlarged tonsils. They must receive prompt and careful attention or they may lead to deafness and other serious defects which will hinder the child's growth both of body and mind. A large percentage of deafness in children is due to these causes.
Children who show signs of trouble of this kind should be examined by a competent physician or surgeon, for the operation is a slight one and will give immediate relief.

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