Chapter 6 - Diseases of the Nose and Throat
Nasal Catarrh
Acute Laryngitis
Chronic Laryngitis
Laryngitis Sicca
Symptomatic Laryngitis
Tuberculosis of the Larynx
Hare Lip
Elongation of the Uvula
Chronic Inflammation of the Tonsils
A Cold. Influenza
La Grippe
Acute Inflammation of the Epiglottis
Adenoids and Enlarged Tonsils

6.5 Chronic Laryngitis

The Chronic Form of Catarrhal Laryngitis Chronic Laryngitis.

THIS condition is not necessarily subsequent to, or resultant from, an acute case, although neglect of the latter form may easily run into the first. It is more often the accompaniment of various forms of systemic disease and must be studied and treated accordingly. In one form there may exist little wart like excrescences or nodes called "singer's nodes." In these cases a six months rest is imperative.
If the condition is caused by nasal stricture or by areas of swollen or dried tissue these must receive appropriate attention from the surgeon.
Attacks of indigestion, gout or rheumatism must be properly and systematically treated.

Internal Treatment. This condition is of itself not easily amenable to treatment. Iodide of potash in ten to fifteen grain doses three times daily after meals may be given to assist in the absorption and resolution of the thickened membranes; but this is about the limit of our endeavors. There is no specific for the trouble. The use of alcohol and tobacco should be forbidden.

Local Treatment. Laryngeal sprays similar to those noted above for use in acute laryngitis may be used and aid in giving temporary relief and comfort to the patient. They are of no curative value however. The same is true of oil sprays. So that the treatment of a case of chronic laryngitis resolves itself into a matter of choosing the very best specialist available, who will make local applications of suitable kind and strength to insure results. This it is impossible to leave to inexperienced hands. Laryngeal applications should be made with great care with suitable instruments; all excess of medication should be removed after treatment.
Above all one should eliminate from use each and every one of the vast list of proprietary preparations advertised for these conditions and which at best are deleterious to the delicate membranes of the throat, and in many cases positively destructive.

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