Chapter 6 - Diseases of the Nose and Throat
Nasal Catarrh
Acute Laryngitis
Chronic Laryngitis
Laryngitis Sicca
Symptomatic Laryngitis
Tuberculosis of the Larynx
Hare Lip
Elongation of the Uvula
Chronic Inflammation of the Tonsils
A Cold. Influenza
La Grippe
Acute Inflammation of the Epiglottis
Adenoids and Enlarged Tonsils

6.6 Laryngitis Sicca

Dry Inflammation of the Larynx Laryngitis Sicca.

This is a chronic condition of the throat, in which the mucous membranes are dried and shrunken. It generally follows a similar condition in the upper air passages. In fact the whole respiratory canal feels hot, dry and raw; the least increase in the activity of these parts, or any sudden change of climate or atmospheric irritation, will bring on a train of almost unbearable symptoms.

Treatment. Numerous remedies have been advocated, none of much value unless the entire respiratory passage is treated simultaneously. Internally, pilocarpin in 1 /10 grain doses three times daily, by aiding in the general glandular activity of the body, may be of value. Phosphorus (gr. f 1 6) in oil or iodide of potash are also in use. Soothing inhalations of menthol or camphor in albolene are grateful but not curative. In a similar way inhalations of benzoinated steam, applications of thymol (2 to 5 per cent) in oil, and zinc sulphite (I to 3 per cent) have been advocated.
Of the local applications 5 to 10 per cent oil of tar or argyrol 50 per cent are most efficient when employed by skilled hands.
Some surgeons advocate deep injections into the tissues of the throat of menthol, guaiacol and camphor in olive oil, but this should be done only by a trained specialist.

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