Chapter 7 - Diseases of the Chest
Consumption - First Stage
Consumption - Second Stage
Consumption - Third Stage
Causes of Consumption
Bacterial Invasion
Classes of Bacteria
Exciting Causes of Consumption
Treatment of Consumption
Diet in Consurnption
Acute Bronchitis
Chronic Bronchitis
Swelling of the Lungs
Pulmonary Apoplexy
Air in the Chest
Water in the Chest
Lungs and Their Diseases - Diagram
Charts of Various Lung Diseases - Diagram
Typhoid Pneumonia
Broncho Pneumonia
Other Forms of Lung Inflammation
Hay Fever
Thyroid Gland

7.14 Swelling of the Lungs

Swelling of the Lungs. Hypertrophy of the Lungs.

This can hardly be regarded as a disease. It generally takes place in but one lung, and is the result of the inaction of the other. Thus, when one lung is diseased, the other has to do the work of both; and being overworked, it enlarges, as the heart or an arm does when very much exercised.
The only treatment required is to eat sparingly, and exercise with great moderation, so as not to increase the rapidity of the breathing.

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