Chapter 7 - Diseases of the Chest
Consumption - First Stage
Consumption - Second Stage
Consumption - Third Stage
Causes of Consumption
Bacterial Invasion
Classes of Bacteria
Exciting Causes of Consumption
Treatment of Consumption
Diet in Consurnption
Acute Bronchitis
Chronic Bronchitis
Swelling of the Lungs
Pulmonary Apoplexy
Air in the Chest
Water in the Chest
Lungs and Their Diseases - Diagram
Charts of Various Lung Diseases - Diagram
Typhoid Pneumonia
Broncho Pneumonia
Other Forms of Lung Inflammation
Hay Fever
Thyroid Gland

7.15 Pulmonary Apoplexy

Pulmonary Apoplexy.

THIS is generally the result of a disease of the heart, particularly of the mitral valve.

Physical Signs. Percussion yields a clear sound, except where the engorgement of blood is large, and near the surface, in which case, it is dull.
The sound of breathing is feeble or absent over a limited space.
Bronchial breathing is heard in some places, and bronchophony in part, in the same regions.
Mucous rattle is also heard.

Observations. In this disease the small air tubes and air cells are the seat of bleeding; and the blood becoming coagulated here, closes these vessels against the entrance of air. This explains the feebleness or absence of the breathing murmur.
The fluidity of blood in the immediate vicinity gives rise to the mucous rattle.

General Symptoms. These are, difficulty of breathing, tightness, and dull pain in the chest. The mucus raised is tinged or streaked with blood. The blood raised is darkish, and dirty looking. This last symptom, the dirty look of the blood, is peculiar in this disease.

Treatment. The most important remedy is friction of the chest. This will often arrest the disease at once. Counter irritation by croton oil is also useful. A free movement of the bowels by a preparation containing croton oil, or elaterium (31), (33), has an excellent effect.

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