Chapter 7 - Diseases of the Chest
Consumption - First Stage
Consumption - Second Stage
Consumption - Third Stage
Causes of Consumption
Bacterial Invasion
Classes of Bacteria
Exciting Causes of Consumption
Treatment of Consumption
Diet in Consurnption
Acute Bronchitis
Chronic Bronchitis
Swelling of the Lungs
Pulmonary Apoplexy
Air in the Chest
Water in the Chest
Lungs and Their Diseases - Diagram
Charts of Various Lung Diseases - Diagram
Typhoid Pneumonia
Broncho Pneumonia
Other Forms of Lung Inflammation
Hay Fever
Thyroid Gland

7.2 Consumption - First Stage

First Stage of Consumption of the Lungs.

Physical Signs. Dullness of sound on and under the collarbones. Inspiration shortened; expiration augmented both in duration and intensity. This dullness often first perceived in armpits, or at base and back of lungs.
Occasionally a pulmonary, crumpling sound. Dry, crackling rattles.
The resounding of the voice increased at the top of the lungs.

General Symptoms. A sense of weariness and languor.
Occasionally, slight, flying pains about the chest and shoulders.
A peculiar sensitiveness to the effects of cold.
Breathlessness on moving quick, or ascending a hill or stairs.
In many cases a blue lividity of the lips and roots of the fingernails, and coldness of the hands and feet.
Occasionally, in females, even at this early stage, a cessation of the monthly turns. These usually stop later in the disease.

Observations. The formation of tubercles almost always begins at the top of the lungs. Laennee and others thought they appeared oftenest on the right side first; Louis, Andral Watson, Sir James Clarke, and others, believed they appeared more often on the left side. Recent investigations show that they were all mistaken. Tubercles appear first about as often upon one side as upon the other.
The pulmonary crumpling sound is caused by a mechanical obstruction to the expansion of the lungs. It is generally heard only during the drawing in of the breath. The sound is like that produced by blowing upon very fine paper.

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